29 December, 2007

::Sapporo - Day 5::

Have to be honest and say that today didn't start that well.
For some reason, i had really nasty nightmares and woke up feeling disoriented and unhappy. This feeling took a while to shake, but it did go away.
In the afternoon, i went out to one of the big markets in Sapporo to buy crab for michael and shingo's new year's party (will hopefully blog about that in a few days)
Had a lovely lunch of kani-uni don, then walked into Sapporo to the beer factory. There, courtney and i learnt a bit about Sapporo beer they launched ourselves into beer tasting.
Then we met up with aki and had lamb bbq (aka genghis khan), which tasted way better than in tokyo.
And finally we headed off to one of my highlights of the week - Mooney. As usual, he didn't disappoint.
Not only that, i got an unexpected phone call from my german, which, after my bad start to the day, was really something i needed. Am still missing him way more than i anticipated. Words can't really explain it, but i wish we were together.

But enough cheese.

Tomorrow i am back good again - partly glad, partly sad.
I've had a bloody good week and it has been really good to escape, but still want my own space/home.

But none of this would happened without courtney & aki, so THANK YOU! I have really had a great week.

27 December, 2007

::Sapporo - Day 4:::

Today we took a day trip up to Otaru. Well, to be more exact we took an afternoon trip up to Otaru. It's only a 30-minute train ride from Sapporo and tobe honest there wasn't much to do other than shop (Otaru is basically a tourist town now so has a lot of shops selling random stuff including crab & glass things),look at old banks (beautiful old buildings from over a hundred years ago when Otaru was the main port and city of Hokkaido), ate sushi (bloody good stuff), drank Otaru wine (not as bad as i thought it would be) and ate Hokkaido cheese (way better than i expected)

Was a lovely afternoon trip out (even though it was bloody cold...but what do you expect in Hokkaido in december?)

26 December, 2007

::Sapporo - Day 3::

Started the day with a vague recollection of the day before and a mouth like a parrot cage...
Then pulled ourselves together, got outside, had a lovely french lunch, went shopping in Sapporo, planned our outing for tomorrow and came home to dinner of leftover turkey (which was damn tasty - courtney calls it `turkey cha-han')

Was a good boxing day.

::Sapporo - day 2::

Missed adding turkey photos:

and other stuff...

::Sapporo - day 2::

On the rankings of days for this year, today was definitely in the top 10.
Let me list the reasons:
champagne brunch,
champagne with snacks,
more sparkling wine with something else,
gorgeous christmas dinner,
more wine,
a phonecall from my german (who i have been missing way more than i anticipated. But i am not going to go into that here),
more wine,
chats with various family members,
baileys and coffee,
more beer,
and a dvd (babel - which i didn't fully understand due to drinking a few sips of liquor, but am also wondering whether i would have understood it sober in the first place...)

Yup, today was a bloody good christmas day.

25 December, 2007

::Sapporo - Day 1::

Left clear blue skies and 14C in tokyo.
Met crisp cold air, crab and christmas in Sapporo...

(am keitai blogging this week so excuse the short entries...don't want a serious case of numb thumb)

18 December, 2007

+Question of the Day+

Your Superpower Should Be Manipulating Electricity

You're highly reactive, energetic, and super charged.
If the occasion calls for it, you can go from 0 to 60 in a split second.
But you don't harness your energy unless you truly need to.
And because of this, people are often surprised by what you are capable of.

Why you would be a good superhero: You have the stamina to fight enemies for days

Your biggest problem as a superhero: As with your normal life, people would continue to underestimate you

I've had satellite TV for about 2 years now, and i love it. I would even go as far to say that it's a bit of an addiction. But as addictions go, it's not that bad....

Anyway, one of my new favourite shows is Heroes. OK, yes i know i am behind the rest of the world, but Japanese satellite TV is (for some reason) also behind the rest of the world. But it doesn't really matter - as long as i get to watch it in the end.
For those of you who know Heroes, you'll know that one of the main characters is Hiro Nakamura. He & his sidekick (Ando Masahashi - whose name i had forgotten, but has his own entry on wikipedia...and whose name seems wrong, ie his surname name first while Hiro has first name first...)

Well, Heroes started on TV here about 2 or 3 months ago, and i have avidly been watching it (with Japanese subtitles).
But whenever Hiro & Ando talk in Japanese, they also have Japanese subtitles. Is their Japanese that bad? To my non-Japanese ears, it sounds pretty authentic (even though the guy who plays Ando is of Korean origin). Compared to Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Hiro & Ando are pretty fluent.

So, finally, my question (which is actually a two-parter):
  1. Why do YOU think there are subtitles?
  2. Is their Japanese really bad enough to warrant subtitles?

03 December, 2007

new hair and how to introduce your new boyfriend to your parents...

'behind blue eyes' - the who

so, how do you like the new hair? am aiming for a bob, but that will take a while...
still loving my dark hair though...
(sorry for the crap photo - my mobile camera sucks)

was talking to my dad last night. my dad is a good man, but very English at times...
this is part of our conversation:

Dad: So, you at home now?
Me: No, erm... [awkward pause - still uncomfortable, at the age of 33, to tell my dad that i'm at my boyfriend's place] I'm at my boyfriend's.
Dad: Oh.... [awkward pause while dad thinks about what to say] So, you got a new boyfriend?
Me: Yes...
Dad: Oh. do you want to speak to your mother, then?
Me: OK.

Then my mum proceeded to tell me about the Turkish & Croatian plumbers & electricians that are fixing up their house...

Then a couple of hours later, i met all (and i mean ALL) K's family on Skype.
In German!
And no, i don't speak any German....but i am learning.
Slowly... K's proving to be a good teacher... (smile)

28 November, 2007

..fabulous weekend..

burst - shellyan orphan

Last weekend was the surprise birthday weekend for Martine (who's real birthday is today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)
The weather was fine, the people fantastic, the beer cold, the sand warm and the smiles beaming.
Couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Well, it might have been a bit better if i had remembered to take my camera, but hey - can't have everything, can you?
Instead, you have some random shots from my keitai. Sure Martine or Sandi will have better photos anyway...

23 November, 2007


You Are 80% Weird

You're more than quirky, you're downright strange.

But you're also strangely compelling, like a cult leader.

'people are strange' - the doors

OK, so i'm weird. But that's not a bad thing, is it?

But it's not as weird of some of the other things i've seen/heard this week...

England haven't qualified for Euro 2008.

Admittedly, that isn't even that weird. And i have to confess that i am not even that suprised.

But it is disgraceful. To not even qualify? All i can do is just shake my head & wait for the 2010 word cup...

Guess I'll have to support Germany instead...

Brad Pitt + Softbank + Iggy Pop

Tries to find it on the web, but couldn't...so let me explain for those of you who haven't seen it.

For the past few months Brad has joined the ranks of 'I'm a really rich famous person, but i ant to make even MORE hard cash by making hceesy adverts in Japan'.

In all fairness, Brad actually joined this group 5+ years ago when he was advertising canned coffee (Roots, i think it was)

This year, he's upped the stakes & become (along with Cameron Diaz) the foreign face for mobile phone company Softbank (formally known as Vodafone). Now, i really don't mind watching Brad on TV. IN fact, the more Brad the better.

The part i am not so sure about is using Iggy Pop's 'The Passenger' as the music in the commercial. I love that song.

But does it match Brad wandering through foreign streets crowded with lots of pretty foreign children dressed in white while he talks on his mobile phone?

I think not.

But hey, maybe that's why i am not in marketing...

101 Posts

This is my 101st post! I've been blogging for just over 2 years. Wow. Where did the time go?

Meeting Bloggers

Met Sarah of Sigsy in Tokyo last week at Martine's photo exhibition at Araku.

Beautiful photos btw - much better seen in large print than on Flickr or slides. Wonderful colours & emotions. Think they're going to be up for the nest few months, so please make your way over there & have a look...

ANYWAY - finally met Sarah. I have to confess that i had been stalking her blog for a while, but didn't feel it appropriate to comment, seeing as i didn't know her. But now it's all cool. Funny thing though - always thought she was southern. And she is *so *not. But she thought i wasn't even british, so i don't feel too bad about it ;)

And that's enough random-ness for one day.

Off to Shimoda tonight for Martine's suprise b'day bash. She's on the train down as i write...she has NO idea what's in store. It's going to be a great weekend....

21 November, 2007

I'm dreaming of (f-ing cold) white christmas...

'stop the cavalry' - jona lewie

To avoid the depressing thought of staying at home over xmas again, i decided a few months back to head up to sapporo & visit Courtney & her hubby (Aki) over the holidays.
Thought a white, snowy drunken xmas with friends was WAY preferable & less depressing than waking up on my own alone.
Since then, k & me have launched ourselves into cheesedom; but he'd already planned to go to vietnam for the hols.
(am i jealous? oh no, not me...who needs hot sunny beaches when you have beautiful snow & beer & ....erm....yeah....well....)

But anyway...

Yesterday i was trying to sort out tickets, when i discovered that i actually had enough mileage to fly to sapporo for free!!! Yeah!
So i don't even have to pay for the privilege of freezing my arse off.
I am looking forward to it though - Sapporo is a beautiful city, Courtney's lovely fun friend. And we're planning to do lots of christmassy things - eat turkey, open pressies, drink sparkly, watch the snow, have huge family arguments (or is that just my family?!) and so on...
AND as an added bonus, Mooney's playing in Sapporo while i am there!

Yeah, it's going to be a good trip.

But in the meantime, i am going to piss everyone off around me by playing/humming christmas tunes everyday....so let the bells ring out for CHRISTmas...

14 November, 2007

The X Dilemma

sebastian tellier - 'la ritournelle'

I want to write about a dilemma that i was having, which resolved itself in an unexpected way...

Since x-boy and i broke up, just over 2 years ago, we've managed to maintain a kind of friendship. despite our relationship, at the time, being severely flawed & definitely unhealthy, we did (and still do) care for each other.
So, since the break up, we have kept in touch by email & met up for lunch once or twice a year.

But i digress...

As I've kind of mentioned in previous posts, k & i got together just over a month ago & have been blissfully floating around in cheeseland. And, yeah, it is real.

So, this led to my dilemma. What is the ex-etiquette?
If you are on friendly terms with your ex, should you tell them about your new love? Or do you just ignore it & hope that something works out naturally?
I really wasn't sure which was the best approach, so i did nothing (which is i guess is the 2nd approach...but hey...)

And then technology stepped in.
I'm a facebooker. I've been updating my status. Friends have been adding photos of K & me.
I conveniently forgot that X-Boy is one of my FB friends...

So, yeah, he got all the updates & saw all the photos...

Then emailed me.

But it was all cool. He wished me well & said that K looked like a good guy (he is) & that we made a good cute couple...which for some reason made me feel safe & happy.

So, by avoiding the issue, i inadvertently confronted it head-on.

But now i am curious, how have other people dealt with friendly exes? And how have friendly exes reacted? Would love to hear your experiences...

01 November, 2007

where did it all go?!

'riders on the storm' - the doors

Where on earth did the year go? It's already November! Next month will bring an end to 2007. What happened? How did things slip by so quickly?

Guess i've just been having too much of a fun time this year...

Talking of fun times, let me twell you about the last week...

Last Friday, I met up with J-Dad & the usual crowd at BC (where else??) Introduced J-Dad to K & I think they bonded (well, a lot of Jaegermeister was drunk...)

Have to be honest & confess that i don't remember much after 11pm. Think I went to sleep & K decided it was time to take me home....see, he's a good boy.

Then Saturday was Sandi & Jeff's Halloween Party.

K & I were going to dress up, but the evil typhoon scuppered any plans of actually leaving home to go shopping. It was an evil windy day & definitely a day to avoid going shopping. I know i should have had more foresight & bought my outfit earlier, but i am crap (Sorry, Sandi...)Anyway, despite us not being dressed up, the party was great.

It's all a bit of a blur, but i remember pumpkins, devils, a mad panda and a wandering horses's head.

Also remember an 80s disco and dancing demons - must have been a good night.

For photographic evidence, go have a look at Martine's and Sandi's blogs. Not sure how they managed to make us look beautiful when we were all unable to speak coherently - or stand up in some cases...

And for the curious among you, the boy to am attached to in most of the photos is my lovely K.

Also had a surpise Halloween evening on 31st too.
I am teaching a course down in Shizuoka this week at one of our customer's training centres (big car compnay beginning with 'T'...)

Lovely centre, with views of lake Hamanaka (if it's not overcast & cloudy like today...)
Anyway, at dinner, one of the staff came out of the kitchen with a big halloween hat on and a basket of sweets then came round and gave us all some. Bear mind that all the students are adults (engineers, accountants, designers...) and so are the staff & instructors. It was just a really lovely thing to do and once the guy had gone round everyone (about 40 or so of us) everyone burst out into a round of applause.

It was just a lovely moment and brought a big smile to the end of my day.

24 October, 2007

..october is cheesy month..

'sunday' - bloc party

Well, once again, i have neglected this blog. And i feel kind of bad about it. Is this a sign of something? Blog-guilt? Am i addicted? I don't even know who (if anyone) is actually reading it – but i still feel duty-bound to update it.

Here goes...

So, what has been happening since i came back from Okinawa?

Actually, it has been a VERY eventful few weeks (as my facebook friends have already intuited...)

First of all, i went to the annual Oktoberfest in minato mirai. This year is the third year i have been, and it still doesn't disappoint. It is interesting going there, because every year has been a mix of old faces & new. And yeah, when you've got oompah bands, mugs of beer & a beautiful sunset, you can't really complain.

While we were at the Oktoberfest, we met some German opera singers with the Berlin State Opera who invited us to go to there dress rehearsal the following weekend. So we did.

It was a modern opera called Moses und Aron by Arnold Schoenberg and kind of has an interesting background. However, being a non-German speaking atheist, i didn't understand anything. Was impressed when they brought out light sabers sometime during act 1 (or was it act 2?)...and considering that the regular ticket price was from ¥10,000 to ¥49,000, and we got to see it for FREE, i ain't complaining...
After the opera, we met up with a couple of the singers and took them to Blue Corn to see Mooney play. They were a bit apprehensive about travelling all the way across town to see someone they had never heard of, but once there, they had a great time. How can anyone be disappointed by Mooney, i ask you?!

And what else?
Hmm...yeah, the big news...
I met someone. And i seem to have morphed into half of an extremely cheesy couple. You know those couples that make you sick when you're around them? Can't keep their hands of each other? Have pet names? Always smiling goofily at one another? Well, that's me.
I hate myself for it - but i am LOVING it! Have no idea where things are heading, but for the moment it's wonderful. It's been far too long since i had a man look at me with gooey eyes!!!

12 October, 2007

Top Ten Reasons to Go to Okinawa

thanks to Sandi, i don't have to write a diary about what we did in Okinawa...love the fact that we go on trips together and she takes photos & writes about it (and does it so well...)
all i have to do is put a link in my blog.... so go here to see & read what we did.

but that would be just lazy wouldn't it?

So, i have decided to make my own top ten list on reasons why YOU should go to Okinawa.
(and by Okinawa, i mean Naha, because i haven't been to anywhere else in Okinawa)

The list is in no particular order...
1. Slo-life
even in Okinawa's biggest city, the pace is WAY slower than Tokyo. i don't whether it was just because i was on holiday, so I was slower, but things seemed way more laid back - which led to:

2. Smiles
everybody seemed so friendly. we saw lots of smiley people - Japanese & foreigners alike.

3. Aloha Shirts
and the aloha shirts made me smile! Naha has really taken to the Cool-Biz style that the Japanese government tried (is trying?) to promote. It was kind of bizarre at first - walk into a bank and all the staff are in aloha shirts; get on the monorail & the driver's wearing an aloha shirt. but i grew to love it (yeah, in 3 days) so much more inspiring than all the grey suits we see here.

4. Green-ness
despite being a city, and despite being ugly and grey, it has WAY more green-ness than Tokyo. lots of beautiful trees & flowers. reminded me a bit of Singapore - that weird mix of concrete & nature.

5. Colour
The already mentioned aloha shirts & green-ness made Naha a treat in the eyes. so much colour everywhere: signs, people's clothes, menus whatever. just seemed to be more colour. sometimes i feel like i am living a monochrome life here in Tokyo - but there was technicolour.

6. Music & Singing
I am not sure if Sandi & me were just lucky or what, but we seemed to encounter music wherever we went: a sanshin teacher in the bar we went to on the first night (who invited us to a trance party the following night - bizarre: the trance loving sanshin sensei); the live Okinawan dance performance at Shuri Castle; the izakaya with live performances on the second night; the Japanese-Canadian fiddler we met in a bar...

7. Price
Yup, no surprise there - Naha IS cheaper than Tokyo. of course it's not like going to SE Asia, but we were getting good lunch sets for ¥600. minshukus are also cheaper (from ¥1000 a night)
seemed to spend the same amount of money though....

8. Ocean
although we didn't manage to get to the beach while we were there (what's the point when it's cloudy & typhoony?!) we were never far away from the ocean. some days we could smell it & most days we caught glimpses of it. if we had have had good weather, we were planning to take a day trip to one of the nearby uninhabited islands (which i kept calling 'no-man islands' [無人島], and for some reason have started calling 'homeless islands') I found some day packages for around ¥6000 including lunch (see number 7)

9. Distance
From Haneda to Naha is only 2.5 hours. so it's possible to go for a weekend. And ANA have a tabiwari plan which if you buy your ticket 28 days or more before you fly, it's up to 50% off.
So you can probably get there & back for around ¥30,000. Not too bad...

10 Japan
Because it's a domestic flight, you only need to check in a minimum 30 minutes before your flight.
And, if you live in Tokyo or Kanagawa, you don't to traipse all the way to Narita (for me about 2.5 hours, compared to Haneda which is 1 hour)
And, with all the new immigration regulations for international coming in next month, we (us evil foreigners) can avoid being photographed, fingerprinted or taken into small rooms & having our internal passages investigated....

Yeah, Naha rocks.


our Pokemon plane to Naha

shisa sitting guard

lovely yellow flower (have no idea what it is)

main gate to Shuri Castle (and Sandi)

Sandi with Shisa

Shuri Castle from the outside

Okinawan king's throne

what Shuri Castle would look like if there was a big official thing going on
(with lots of plastic people in attendance)

View of Shuri Castle
One of the gateways into Shuri Castle

20 September, 2007

..slack but not really..

' funny little frog' - belle & sebastian

feel like i have been neglecting my blog, neglecting friends, neglecting email & just been an all round slacker.
but then i realise how busy i have been. time has really been whipping by, and somehow i find myself in the middle of september.
actually, it's not even the middle any more - more towards the end.
do you realise that it will be OCTOBER soon??? How the hell did THAT happen?!

so, what have i been doing? when i don't really think about it, i think i have done bugger all.
but then i sit down & think about it, i realise i have actually done things.
so, what have i done in the last month?

19th august - went to michael & shingo's 10th anniversary party. well done boys!

20th august - went to osaka for the day for work ; which was torture after the previous night...

21st august - saw PPP live in shibuya with the BC crowd. was a madly insanely fun night...

2nd september - went to toby's sayonara party. i hate saying goodbye, but it's one of the downfalls of living the foreign life. actually, i went through a phase of not making any new foreign friends because i knew they would leave before me & i couldn't bear saying goodbye anymore. luckily indigorayz thawed my cold ways, and put me back on the right track...still not easy though.

4th september - rode a real flight simulator for work - very cool & exciting. did you know that they can pause it during mid-flight simulation? it's really freaky. imagine being in an aeroplane that just stops in the middle of the sky....very very odd....ooh...and they let me fly the thing. also very scary....

7th september - finally went to araku. sandi & me had been talking about going for AGES. so glad we finally made it there. had a truly fun evening & martine, dave & ja-ane turned up too which made it even funner. even though it was my first time there, i felt at home & i will definitely be going back again. and after we left, we had a little adventure of taking the night bus back to tsunashima. don't know if you know, but there are various night buses in tokyo that run after the last train. we got a bus at 1.20 that got us to tsunashima in an hour. was interesting - don't plan to do it every week, but once in a while is cool - and it gave us an extra hour of araku
time ;)

8th september - met up with J-Dad for lots of beers & smiles...far too long between beers...definitely can't leave it 4 months again...

12th september - met little green frog climbing up the window of the training centre i was
staying at. very very small, cute and green (about the size of a ¥500 coin)

14th september - blue corn for a night of smiles & beer with kevin the german & ryosuke/suzan

16th september - over to sandi's for turkish food & alien. very tasty food. not a big lamb fan, but i loved it! and alien? can you believe that i fell asleep for the famous scene where the alien comes out of john hurts stomach??? shameful...

17th september - out with sandi and the boys to the parasite museum & earthquake museum
(actually, it's probably more accurately the 'disaster prevention centre')
the parasite museum was really gross (have a look at sandi's blog for a photo of the consequences of elephantiasis....) and put me off eating ANY type of food (you can get parasites from anything, you know...may as well give up now and just eat a big handful of bugs...)
the disaster museum was equally scare-mongering... i definitely don't want to be in a (japanese) level 7 earthquake. not at all pleasant. was very educational (all in japanese though) and i now know that the first thing you should do in a fire is yell 'FIRE'. know that sounds pretty obvious, but the guy explained that you should do that before you even start trying to put it out. it means that people in the neighbourhood will know that there's something up & either call the fire brigade or come & help you. and in areas of wooden houses (ie most of japan) it's important to know where the fires are.
and afterwards, we went and drank beer in gakugeidaigaku. i definitely needed it - good kids but *so* energy sapping. really don't know how sandi does it and remains sane.

19th september - courtney came down from hokkaido & is staying with me for a week. so last night, we went out to an izakaya, drank too much wine, and put the world to rights. actually, we didn't. we just talked crap. but it was extremely high quality crap.

and that bring us to today.

so, yeah, i have been busy. and that was only the fun things. i managed to fit a shit load of work in around all that.

no wonder i'm knackered...

05 September, 2007


'murderous boy' - psysalia psysalis psyche

am doing a completely shameless plug for my friend toru's (aka Kitchen Boy) gig at the end of the month.
PPP are great - have been to see them live a few times & have never been disappointed.

the 26th is their first one-man gig, and they really want to make it work.
it's at Chelsea Hotel and have a look at their spaces on the web here & here

if you are free, come along. will be great night.

24 August, 2007

・one more thing・

'intoxica' - the centurians

forgot one other thing i did yesterday...
i have a lot of airmileage running out at the end of the year, so i need to use it up.
my first idea was to go to guam, but unluckily all the 'free' seats had gone.

had promised myself a trip somewhere sunny & somewhere i can speak the language - or at least be understood. guam was the only place my air miles allowed (not enough to go to south east asia or hawaii)
so, was a little disappointed.

then thought - WAIT - i speak japanese too! i don't need to leave the country.
so, i booked my tickets to OKINAWA!!! have never been there, and have wanted to go for a while. so, i'm going.
am going to base myself in Naha, and depending on the weather (it's typhoon season) either eat/drink myself stupid or take day trips out to nearby islands.

anyway - if anyone has been there & has some good recommendations, please let me know.
food, bars, sightseeing, places to avoid - i would appreciate any & all information.

also, if anyone is free from 4th to 7th October, come to Okinawa with me!

・a week in the life of sin・

'wow and flutter' - stereolab

been an extremely busy week this week...here's what has been going & what will be going on...

went over to Lala's and ate lovely pizza, drank delicious wine & talked lots and lots. was a very mellow & much needed evening - thanks sweety.
and on the topic of wine, i want to recommend one of the tastiest white wines i have ever had. and it's from new zealand. never thought of new zealand wine before. didn't even know that there were wine growing regions in new zealand... you can buy it at Bic Camera in Shibuya (for home drinkers) and La Boheme (for more social drinkers)

went to the annual Tamagawa Fireworks Festival. this is really near my house, but i have always seemed to be busy. this year met up with Peter, Minako, Christian & Yuiko & we did it properly. beer, mats, munchies. they were very impressive too. really recommend this festival as it's actually 2 in one. Setagaya-ku (on the Tokyo 'other' side of the river) and Kawasaki simultaneously set of their fireworks. as we were sitting in between the two, we ended up with sore necks - kind of looking at firework tennis...
was very impressive though & surprisingly uncrowded.

Got a new fridge (thank you, Peter). And it is a nice orange one.
then after that was Michael & Shingo's 10-year anniversary party. that was a good afternoon/evening. i intended to go home by 10. ended up leaving at about 1am, which wasn't goo because...

i went to Osaka for the day for work. i had to get up at 5am. still don't know how i managed to survive the day AND i went to Blue Corn on the way home a couple of drinks...

went out with the Blue Corn Family to was Toru's band Psysalia Psysalis Psyche play. they get better every time i see them. i have bruises all over from moshing all over the place & jumping off random surfaces...
was a very fun evening. again, a little too much fun - went home WAY later than i intended. also turned out to a bit of a flirt-fest & i ended up dirty dancing with Takeshi in a seedy nightclub...

overslept by an hour, but managed to be only 10 minutes late for class.
after class, i bought some crocs. yup, jumped on the bandwagon, but i bought these really cute ones that look very un-croc-like...might buy some more in different colours too...
in the evening, met up with Mooney to help him write english lyrics for a song that he's providing for a movie soundtrack. don't know much about the movie, but it's got Masatoshi Nagase in it...
how cool is that? i get to do lyrics for a song that's going to be in a cool japanese indie film!
not sure when the movie's due to come out - guess sometime next year. will keep you posted...

stayed home & painted my nails. and watched prison break. man, that boy is HOT. silly story though. but did i say his H-O-T!!!!!! nothing like a bit of eye candy to finish the day off....

Friday (Today)
Tonight is Dave's b'day bash. should be a fun evening...and hoping Sandi will come along too...


And that is the week that was, with a little more to go...