29 December, 2007

::Sapporo - Day 5::

Have to be honest and say that today didn't start that well.
For some reason, i had really nasty nightmares and woke up feeling disoriented and unhappy. This feeling took a while to shake, but it did go away.
In the afternoon, i went out to one of the big markets in Sapporo to buy crab for michael and shingo's new year's party (will hopefully blog about that in a few days)
Had a lovely lunch of kani-uni don, then walked into Sapporo to the beer factory. There, courtney and i learnt a bit about Sapporo beer they launched ourselves into beer tasting.
Then we met up with aki and had lamb bbq (aka genghis khan), which tasted way better than in tokyo.
And finally we headed off to one of my highlights of the week - Mooney. As usual, he didn't disappoint.
Not only that, i got an unexpected phone call from my german, which, after my bad start to the day, was really something i needed. Am still missing him way more than i anticipated. Words can't really explain it, but i wish we were together.

But enough cheese.

Tomorrow i am back good again - partly glad, partly sad.
I've had a bloody good week and it has been really good to escape, but still want my own space/home.

But none of this would happened without courtney & aki, so THANK YOU! I have really had a great week.

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