27 December, 2007

::Sapporo - Day 4:::

Today we took a day trip up to Otaru. Well, to be more exact we took an afternoon trip up to Otaru. It's only a 30-minute train ride from Sapporo and tobe honest there wasn't much to do other than shop (Otaru is basically a tourist town now so has a lot of shops selling random stuff including crab & glass things),look at old banks (beautiful old buildings from over a hundred years ago when Otaru was the main port and city of Hokkaido), ate sushi (bloody good stuff), drank Otaru wine (not as bad as i thought it would be) and ate Hokkaido cheese (way better than i expected)

Was a lovely afternoon trip out (even though it was bloody cold...but what do you expect in Hokkaido in december?)

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arumanda said...

have lots of snowy fun and say hey to courtney for me