01 November, 2007

where did it all go?!

'riders on the storm' - the doors

Where on earth did the year go? It's already November! Next month will bring an end to 2007. What happened? How did things slip by so quickly?

Guess i've just been having too much of a fun time this year...

Talking of fun times, let me twell you about the last week...

Last Friday, I met up with J-Dad & the usual crowd at BC (where else??) Introduced J-Dad to K & I think they bonded (well, a lot of Jaegermeister was drunk...)

Have to be honest & confess that i don't remember much after 11pm. Think I went to sleep & K decided it was time to take me home....see, he's a good boy.

Then Saturday was Sandi & Jeff's Halloween Party.

K & I were going to dress up, but the evil typhoon scuppered any plans of actually leaving home to go shopping. It was an evil windy day & definitely a day to avoid going shopping. I know i should have had more foresight & bought my outfit earlier, but i am crap (Sorry, Sandi...)Anyway, despite us not being dressed up, the party was great.

It's all a bit of a blur, but i remember pumpkins, devils, a mad panda and a wandering horses's head.

Also remember an 80s disco and dancing demons - must have been a good night.

For photographic evidence, go have a look at Martine's and Sandi's blogs. Not sure how they managed to make us look beautiful when we were all unable to speak coherently - or stand up in some cases...

And for the curious among you, the boy to am attached to in most of the photos is my lovely K.

Also had a surpise Halloween evening on 31st too.
I am teaching a course down in Shizuoka this week at one of our customer's training centres (big car compnay beginning with 'T'...)

Lovely centre, with views of lake Hamanaka (if it's not overcast & cloudy like today...)
Anyway, at dinner, one of the staff came out of the kitchen with a big halloween hat on and a basket of sweets then came round and gave us all some. Bear mind that all the students are adults (engineers, accountants, designers...) and so are the staff & instructors. It was just a really lovely thing to do and once the guy had gone round everyone (about 40 or so of us) everyone burst out into a round of applause.

It was just a lovely moment and brought a big smile to the end of my day.

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