28 March, 2006


vodiak - stereolab

it's HERE!

spring has finally sprung! don't know why, but i've really been looking forward to this spring.
winter doesn't usually bother me that much, in fact i quite like it, but this year has been grey & wet & generally crappy.
and i think going to to australia in the middle of the cold bit has made me crave greenness & colour.

but it's here. YAY!
the sun is getting warmer, the cherry blossoms are blooming & i can start wearing skirts without tights!

it's also a little landmark - another season of being single successfully completed.

how am i doing? honestly - i think i am doing pretty ok.
have dark days - but who doesn't?
wish i was in a relationship - but when i was in one, i sometimes wished i wasn't.
wish i was somewhere sometimes - but don't know where.

but i think that's pretty normal.

if i were up & positive all the time, then i would start worrying...but in the meantime, i am going to enjoy spring.

20 March, 2006

Little Fox...

starry eyed - cinerama

this film & people asking me about is beginning to annoy me.
of all the names they could choose for the little fox, they choose mine!!!

and do you know how many people have been saying 'do you know there's a movie with your name in it?' and each person thinks they're the first one to say it to me.

lots & lots of people have asked me before you....

feeling a bit ranty today.

i've been fighting a damn cold for about a week & it's making me tired & irritated.

have taken the day off today, and the sun is shining - in fact it's a gorgeous day - but all i can do is sit & wallow in my own misery.

bah humbug.

so, if anyone has some ancient secret family recipes for horrible annoying tickly coughs, please let me know...
(have already tried hot salty water, hot rum, hot soup, ice cream, minty drinks, hot tea....nothing really works that well)