05 September, 2007


'murderous boy' - psysalia psysalis psyche

am doing a completely shameless plug for my friend toru's (aka Kitchen Boy) gig at the end of the month.
PPP are great - have been to see them live a few times & have never been disappointed.

the 26th is their first one-man gig, and they really want to make it work.
it's at Chelsea Hotel and have a look at their spaces on the web here & here

if you are free, come along. will be great night.

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Anonymous said...

I liked the song of PPP's that you put on the CD you made me - hadn't realised it was kitchen boy! They're good, but I think it's probably a bit far to come to their gig though. I'll go when they do their world tour and come over to Northwich...

Little Sister (see I do put comments on here every so often)