19 April, 2010

Clear Skies

I looked up at the sky yesterday and realised there were no vapour trails. Not one.
When was the last time you looked up at the sky & just saw blue space & fluffy white clouds? It was weird not seeing them.

And then today, i was working at the airport here. Both the arrivals board & departures board just had one word in the TIME column: CANCELLED

Yup, European airspace is closed. No flights out of/into Stuttgart till at least 8pm tonight. And the people in charge (whoever they, but i am sure they wear suits) are not even sure that the ban will be lifted then. But it is for safety reasons - no one (except alternative forms of transport, hotels & erm, maybe that's it)is really benefiting from it. But what can you do?

At least we have clear blue skies (with huge invisible clouds of toxic volcanic dust floating above)

In other news, I have started a German course. Twice a week for 3 months. Only downer is that it's Friday evening and Saturday morning as this was the only time i had available. We have a nice group of people from nearly every continent (haven't got Australasia covered) and everyone seems pretty mellow & willing to learn, which make life easier.
It's interesting being on the other side, as a language student instead of the teacher. Part of me is watching the teacher & wondering if I'd do things in the same way. Another part of me is thinking about all the things i tell my students & i should set a good example.
And then the main part of me is just getting confused with German grammar....