22 February, 2007

...le trip en europe...

'top of the world' - carpenters

just wanted to show you a few photos of my travels so far.
they're all photos from the first few days - and i will post some pics later.
the first is en route to iggy, then there's the british musuem & finally trafalgar square.
didn't know this this, until i was there, but you can see big ben too....he's there, there little pointy thing to the left of nelson's column.
london always amazes me - have always been a tourist here, and will always continue to be so.
and i guess that's why it still has this magic for me.

08 February, 2007

>>melancholic happiness<<

'welcome europe' - squarepusher


i did it again. i just wrote a lovely post & then deleted it all by mistake.
this time it wasn't the computer's fault - just my own stupidity.

so, will start writing it all over again. hopefully i won't be a complete imbecile & erase it all again. perhaps i should just move away from the keyboard, have a beer & come back tomorrow?
no, am feeling very stubborn now. i WILL post to my blog - even if it does kill me....

have been feeling very weird this week. it's kind of hard to explain how i am feeling - it's a whole hodge podge of stuff. but i will try & explain...
i feel melancholic, with an undertow of rage, sadness & angst. but the strange thing is that i am not feeling 'down' - in fact i feel ok about things. but i just have this 'itchiness'.

been thinking about why i am feeling like this, and i have come up with a number of reasons...
(oh, yeah, analysing myself will REALLY put the world to rights....)

1) i am going to england on sunday.
this in itself is not a bad thing, but it's my first trip back since ex-boy & me broke up. i am a bit nervous that some relative will inadvertently ask the wrong question & set me off in an embarrassing mess of tears & snot. not quite the image i want to portray to all the rellies i haven't seen for nearly 2 years...

2) going to england
yeah, i know that was 1 as well. but this is in a different way. when i am here, i don't really think about england as 'home'. but when i get nearer to the departure date, i start thinking 'i'm going home'. then another part of me shouts, 'NO! Japan is home!' i start to feel like i have 2 lovers and i am treating them both badly. and then i realise that in some cases, monogamy is not necessarily a good thing. and i feel ok again... but yeah, i am still in the tug of war stage at the moment.

3) after birthday crash
i really had a good birthday season this year - i really wasn't looking forward to it all, but it turned out WAY better than i anticipated or hoped. and now it's all over. that's the problem of having a b'day in january - from february to november, i just go to other people's parties (not that i don't enjoy them - but there is something to be said for being the centre of festivities)

4) men/boys
i know this is a constant theme here, but it is something that upsets me.
and the mini-fling that happened at the beginning of the year really hurt me. i didn't really write a lot about it at the time, and i am not going to now. but i am going to say a little, he was the first boy that i trusted & believed in for a long time. i thought he was better than the others, but no. and i feel f-ing stupid for trusting him & being hurt. i know i should let it go, but i have been feeling so stupid and gullible. it's going to take a while for me to trust myself to trust someone else. it's like i open & then just get shat on. a quote from bloc party, 'after sex, the bitter taste - been fooled again, the search continues'

and so yeah, that's how i've been feeling.
i feel like a frigging teenager in a 33 year old body.

both good & bad.

06 February, 2007

・・my boom・・

‘kreuzberg’ – bloc party

those of you who know me, know that I knit. I may not look like a knitter, but I am.
Love sitting in front of the tv, watching complete and utter mind-numbing crap, whilst making something.
There are a few reasons for this...
One) that if I didn’t have my hands full of knitting, I’d probably have huge bag of something incredibly fattening;
Two) I find it incredibly relaxing.
Three) I need to do something with my hands while watching tv (oo-er & see one)
Four) I like making stuff for other people

Now, I don’t regard myself as particularly creative, but knitting is something that not many people are doing any more. And in the last few years, lots of my friends have had babies – so I’ve been making lots of baby stuff. Now, I don’t wish to blow my own horn, but I think there is some rather nice about receiving hand made baby stuff. (think I just did blow my own horn there…but HEY, somebody’s got to do it)

Anyway – knitting wasn’t what I intended to write about today…but maybe I should post a bit more about it & do a bit of ‘show & tell’

I want to tell about my NEW little hobby. For my birthday I received a badge making machiney thing (thanks, takeshi!). And I’ve been experimenting with different things – hand-drawn pictures; computer-made graphics & my own photos. It’s so much fun… and it’s another thing that people aren’t doing. So I get to show off again! Above are a few I made at the weekend…
So, if you want a badge or something knitted, I am your girl! (bear in mind that I can knock out a badge in 10 minutes or so…but knitted things take a while, unless you want something incredibly small, like a pinky warmer)

01 February, 2007

・・・party hearty・・・

'are we here?' - orbital

thought i'd post some pictures from saturday night.
had a truly lovely evening - don't remember much after 2am though! hehehehe!

anyway - think the photos show the evening's smiles...and i don't really need to ramble on much.

above is sachiko - a beautiful singer with a big heart & a cheeky sense of humour. some of friends describe her as a japanese joanie mitchell...

the birthday girl...

the boys...no, they're not gay - despite contrary opinions.
and the cake - chocolate cheese cake...yum!

smiley friends...

yeah - it was a fun night.