24 August, 2007

・one more thing・

'intoxica' - the centurians

forgot one other thing i did yesterday...
i have a lot of airmileage running out at the end of the year, so i need to use it up.
my first idea was to go to guam, but unluckily all the 'free' seats had gone.

had promised myself a trip somewhere sunny & somewhere i can speak the language - or at least be understood. guam was the only place my air miles allowed (not enough to go to south east asia or hawaii)
so, was a little disappointed.

then thought - WAIT - i speak japanese too! i don't need to leave the country.
so, i booked my tickets to OKINAWA!!! have never been there, and have wanted to go for a while. so, i'm going.
am going to base myself in Naha, and depending on the weather (it's typhoon season) either eat/drink myself stupid or take day trips out to nearby islands.

anyway - if anyone has been there & has some good recommendations, please let me know.
food, bars, sightseeing, places to avoid - i would appreciate any & all information.

also, if anyone is free from 4th to 7th October, come to Okinawa with me!

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