24 October, 2007

..october is cheesy month..

'sunday' - bloc party

Well, once again, i have neglected this blog. And i feel kind of bad about it. Is this a sign of something? Blog-guilt? Am i addicted? I don't even know who (if anyone) is actually reading it – but i still feel duty-bound to update it.

Here goes...

So, what has been happening since i came back from Okinawa?

Actually, it has been a VERY eventful few weeks (as my facebook friends have already intuited...)

First of all, i went to the annual Oktoberfest in minato mirai. This year is the third year i have been, and it still doesn't disappoint. It is interesting going there, because every year has been a mix of old faces & new. And yeah, when you've got oompah bands, mugs of beer & a beautiful sunset, you can't really complain.

While we were at the Oktoberfest, we met some German opera singers with the Berlin State Opera who invited us to go to there dress rehearsal the following weekend. So we did.

It was a modern opera called Moses und Aron by Arnold Schoenberg and kind of has an interesting background. However, being a non-German speaking atheist, i didn't understand anything. Was impressed when they brought out light sabers sometime during act 1 (or was it act 2?)...and considering that the regular ticket price was from ¥10,000 to ¥49,000, and we got to see it for FREE, i ain't complaining...
After the opera, we met up with a couple of the singers and took them to Blue Corn to see Mooney play. They were a bit apprehensive about travelling all the way across town to see someone they had never heard of, but once there, they had a great time. How can anyone be disappointed by Mooney, i ask you?!

And what else?
Hmm...yeah, the big news...
I met someone. And i seem to have morphed into half of an extremely cheesy couple. You know those couples that make you sick when you're around them? Can't keep their hands of each other? Have pet names? Always smiling goofily at one another? Well, that's me.
I hate myself for it - but i am LOVING it! Have no idea where things are heading, but for the moment it's wonderful. It's been far too long since i had a man look at me with gooey eyes!!!


Sandi said...

Eeeeeew. I'm happy for you. You deserve it. Just try not to get cheese all over my furniture Saturday.

Anonymous said...

hey, you go girl! seems that the smiler girl is finally smiling! about effing time! enjoy yourself miss sin, seize the day!
love, P x

Anonymous said...


Beware! This pair put out enough cheese to have a fondu party for the marine corp!!!!


j-ster said...


Wow, that is such good news! Thanks for sharing! Of course you still have readers!