24 August, 2007

・one more thing・

'intoxica' - the centurians

forgot one other thing i did yesterday...
i have a lot of airmileage running out at the end of the year, so i need to use it up.
my first idea was to go to guam, but unluckily all the 'free' seats had gone.

had promised myself a trip somewhere sunny & somewhere i can speak the language - or at least be understood. guam was the only place my air miles allowed (not enough to go to south east asia or hawaii)
so, was a little disappointed.

then thought - WAIT - i speak japanese too! i don't need to leave the country.
so, i booked my tickets to OKINAWA!!! have never been there, and have wanted to go for a while. so, i'm going.
am going to base myself in Naha, and depending on the weather (it's typhoon season) either eat/drink myself stupid or take day trips out to nearby islands.

anyway - if anyone has been there & has some good recommendations, please let me know.
food, bars, sightseeing, places to avoid - i would appreciate any & all information.

also, if anyone is free from 4th to 7th October, come to Okinawa with me!

・a week in the life of sin・

'wow and flutter' - stereolab

been an extremely busy week this week...here's what has been going & what will be going on...

went over to Lala's and ate lovely pizza, drank delicious wine & talked lots and lots. was a very mellow & much needed evening - thanks sweety.
and on the topic of wine, i want to recommend one of the tastiest white wines i have ever had. and it's from new zealand. never thought of new zealand wine before. didn't even know that there were wine growing regions in new zealand... you can buy it at Bic Camera in Shibuya (for home drinkers) and La Boheme (for more social drinkers)

went to the annual Tamagawa Fireworks Festival. this is really near my house, but i have always seemed to be busy. this year met up with Peter, Minako, Christian & Yuiko & we did it properly. beer, mats, munchies. they were very impressive too. really recommend this festival as it's actually 2 in one. Setagaya-ku (on the Tokyo 'other' side of the river) and Kawasaki simultaneously set of their fireworks. as we were sitting in between the two, we ended up with sore necks - kind of looking at firework tennis...
was very impressive though & surprisingly uncrowded.

Got a new fridge (thank you, Peter). And it is a nice orange one.
then after that was Michael & Shingo's 10-year anniversary party. that was a good afternoon/evening. i intended to go home by 10. ended up leaving at about 1am, which wasn't goo because...

i went to Osaka for the day for work. i had to get up at 5am. still don't know how i managed to survive the day AND i went to Blue Corn on the way home a couple of drinks...

went out with the Blue Corn Family to was Toru's band Psysalia Psysalis Psyche play. they get better every time i see them. i have bruises all over from moshing all over the place & jumping off random surfaces...
was a very fun evening. again, a little too much fun - went home WAY later than i intended. also turned out to a bit of a flirt-fest & i ended up dirty dancing with Takeshi in a seedy nightclub...

overslept by an hour, but managed to be only 10 minutes late for class.
after class, i bought some crocs. yup, jumped on the bandwagon, but i bought these really cute ones that look very un-croc-like...might buy some more in different colours too...
in the evening, met up with Mooney to help him write english lyrics for a song that he's providing for a movie soundtrack. don't know much about the movie, but it's got Masatoshi Nagase in it...
how cool is that? i get to do lyrics for a song that's going to be in a cool japanese indie film!
not sure when the movie's due to come out - guess sometime next year. will keep you posted...

stayed home & painted my nails. and watched prison break. man, that boy is HOT. silly story though. but did i say his H-O-T!!!!!! nothing like a bit of eye candy to finish the day off....

Friday (Today)
Tonight is Dave's b'day bash. should be a fun evening...and hoping Sandi will come along too...


And that is the week that was, with a little more to go...

09 August, 2007


'wasted little djs' - the view

been writing too many negative posts at the moment, so i've decided that this one is going to be a full-on positive one.

going to attempt to list 10 things that have been making me happy:

1. my hair
yeah, know that sounds a little bimbette-y, but i love having dark hair. think it looks better than my natural hair colour (dirty blonde) and i feel more 'me' with it like this. had it done again last weekend, and am revelling in the darkness...

2. knitting
brings me peace & stops me from snacking while i am watching crap on tv. also means i can make cute things for my friends. these two critters were originally meant for martine, but one of her younger guests at the bbq last month adopted them & took them home (don't worry martine - you will get some new ones of your own)

3. friends
keep on saying this, but friends have really anchored me & stopped me completely flipping out.
you know who you are - thank you.

4. blue corn
again, a regularly mentioned place & also overlaps with 3. but again, blue corn has been a refuge.

5. m
watching it, listening to it - whatever. Tower Records says is best - 'No Music - No Life'

6. losing weight
haven't been trying really hard, but in the past year i have managed to lose about 7 kgs. and i feel a lot better for it. am constantly surprised to be fitting into clothes i haven't worn for 2 or more years. and i feel so much better for it - don't get out of breathe as much, no nasty chafing effects, and did i say i can wear my old clothes again - AND THEY'RE LOOSE ON ME!!!!!!

7. summer
have a bitter-sweet relationship with summer. a lot of the time, it makes my frustrated & angry. but am noticing more of the positive things: summer festivals, bright colour clothes, beer tastes better, chirping insects, fireworks, the sea... yeah - there's lots of good stuff.

Hmmm...having trouble making it to 10.
but seven is a good number. OK - SEVEN things that make me happy.

can you do the same? i pass this challenge out to you - no deep thinking. just sit down at the computer, and list seven things that make you happy. off the top of your head.

ooh...did i just create a meme?

yeah - i throw down the gauntlet.
if you blog, post your seven.
if you're a commentor, list them here.

01 August, 2007

oo round in rambling circles oo

‘natural blues’ - moby

Been a busy girl these last few weeks & am so tired.

Yup – still the burn out thing. Some of it is to do with work – have been having a bit of a stressful time. But I won’t bore you with the details there.

Mainly, I am just too busy. There’s a lot going on at the weekends – and don’t seem to have time to rest. Then I spend the week tired – and then get to another busy weekend again. I can’t seem to find time to recharge.

But it’s a whole catch 22 thing…

And why? Well, I spend my weekday evenings here home alone. I don’t talk to anyone. And I can’t face a whole weekend of doing the same. I don’t want to slip down the deep dark abyss again. I know I need people. And if I stay home and rest, I don’t see anyone. Then I start getting into the terrible introspective cycle.

But if I go out, and avoid the loneliness, I don’t get the time to rest.

So what to do? It’s all so fucked up. And I know I don’t want to roomshare – despite the alone-ness, I need my space.

Guess I am my own worst enemy.

But what can I do to regain some balance in my life? Maybe it’s just that these few weeks have been over-packed. Hopefully things will settle down in the next few weeks.

I know this is going to sound so damn wrong, but I wish there was someone who would be mine. I wish there was someone that I could belong to. Even if we weren’t together, I wouldn’t feel alone. That’s the main thing I miss about being in a relationship – just knowing he was there, and I could call him anytime. And most of the time I didn’t call him, because the knowing was enough.

Ah…this post is turning way more melancholy than I intended, but I guess it’s just a reflection of my tiredness.

I’m tired of disastrous encounters with boys. I am tired of getting my hopes up & having them crushed. I am tired of trying to make sense of this messy dating thing. I wish the whole thing was way more open and honest – “hey, I like you. If you like me, let’s try & make this thing work” but no, that doesn’t happen. We just collide into each other, in a fog of lust, like & want. Then we stagger back, realize what we’ve done and run away. Then lick our wounds and go onto the next collision.

I’m tired of it. I don’t want any more collision.

Jeez – this post went in a whole different direction than I thought it would. Was originally going to write about being busy & tired. Look where I ended up!!