01 September, 2005

love isn't enough

'suck' - wedding present

i always thought that if you love someone enough, everything else will work out - or fall into place.
but, i am finding out that the reality of life is nothing like that.
love really isn't enough - you cannot survive on or with love alone.
there is so much more you need to sustain a relationship - but what those things are, i don't know.

or maybe i fell in love with the wrong person?
who knows...because i sure don't.

i'm just so tired of everything right now, and wish i had a big fat brush & a giant rug, so i could sweep everything under it and pretend it wasn't there.

not a good thing to do, but i am so tired of thinking & trying to decided what to do.
i don't want to think anymore. i don't want to deal with things anymore.
i just want him to wrap me up in his arms and tell me everything will be ok.

but that really won't help things.

so i try & remember that tomorrow IS another day - and hopefully when i wake up, there'll be a big shiny blue sky.


arumanda said...

ah shite. i been there. it fucking hurts like all hell.
if you find that carpet do let me know. i have some things i'd like to sweep under there as well.
ganbare ganbare. just make it through today and deal with tomorrow then.

Indigorayz said...

Babey you is gonna be okay! Look the sun did shine today and there are times when we feel like it might not shine in that little space we are sitting in but maybe thats because our sunglasses are too dark .............Its horrible what you are having to deal with but I believe that there are good times ahead for you,when and only when you take those damn sunglasses off,which you will do in time! Kisses

Anonymous said...

Love sucks my wife after 6 years is giving up and I refuse to ....a great relationship is one between two great forgivers.....

Anonymous said...

I'm currently in love with the most beautiful, amazing girl in my world. She totally made a romantic out of me after 25 years of being a cold, bitter player. And now I'm heart broken because something in my gut tells me that despite this drug that we've called love...I can't help to think that we would never make it as partners...our goals in life are not aligned. With over half of marriages failing...i don't think story book love is enough.

Anonymous said...

well..this is EXACTLY what i'm facing right now....
EXACTLY i'm trying so hard to open my eyes to see another sidesof the truth that maybe..love isn't enough..n it willl NEVER be...at least for me