15 August, 2005

..and she dances on the sand..

'rio' - duran duran

went to summer sonic on saturday. had a bit of a disasterous start to the day - and ended up missing most of everything ... particularly angry at missing interpol. really wanted to see them...

still, managed to catch 2 acts there...
first saw ian brown. what a load of pants.
the musicians were great - but him?
out of tune & dancing like liam gallagher on one of his bad days...
it was quite sad to see, especially as i was a big stone roses fan back in the day.

sad how some people can crash down from the heights...

so ended up walking out on him and stumbling along to duran duran.
never was a huge duran-y, but wow! (did i already say that?!)
man - simon le bon is a bit of an over-performer, but very fun & (dare i say it?) sexy to watch.
have to admit that some of the new stuff was a bit beyond me, but the old classics made up for the rest.
to be honest, i did get a little excited when i heard the camera shutter clicking during the intro of 'girls on film'...

is that just a tad too sad or what?

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Indigorayz said...

it sounded fabulous! There aint nothing like the goldies to transport us to a time and place we had tucked away!
Rock on babey!