16 June, 2008

Consumptive Diaries Part 8: Ennui

We're onto week 5 now. Another round of sputum tests coming up. Hopefully he won't be as toxic...

K is physically doing fine.
He's regaining some of the weight he lost because of the TB (about 4 kg) and the weight he lost because of pissy sized portions in hospital (1 kg). He's still skinny as hell & looks like a stereotypical TB patient (protruding ribs, etc), but as least he is not losing weight anymore.
He's also pretty much stopped coughing.
And the cavity in his lung is getting smaller - in fact nearly gone.
So that's all good.

And it's also the big problem.

Because he's feeling pretty healthy, he's become increasingly frustrated with the situation.
He's stuck on the 13th floor, no access to the outside - or even the 1st floor, gets no fresh air, cannot speak to anyone and has a large amount of energy that he can't get rid of.
This results in him having increasing moments of despair & it's really hard to see.
Makes me feel completely helpless & i have no idea what to do. All i want to do is kidnap & take him home.

In more positive news, K's sister is here for the moment. Means that K gets to see someone other than me; i get some time off hospital visiting and he gets a load of German stuff.
Also, Sandi came round with an X-box. (word to the wise: don't even bother playing racing games against someone who is a professional test driver, it's kind of humiliating...)
Thanks Sandi!

Got my parents arriving at the end of the week. Ironically, they arrive on an Air France flight the same day as K's sister leaves on one - so they're more than likely using the same plane...
Then K's mum arrives next week sometime.
Think they all will probably end up meeting each other. Not quite how i imagined it all panning out, but hey...

And in completely non-TB related news...
Was talking to Toru of PPP at the weekend. And he told me that Psysalia is scheduled to play at Summer Sonic. SUMMER SONIC!!!! That's so cool. One of the biggest music festivals in japan!
Pretty exciting, huh?!

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