09 June, 2008

Consumptive Diaries: Part 7 - Extreme Anality

Well, we're into week 4 now. And it looks like there's at least 4 more weeks.
The German had his fortnightly sputum tests last week, and came up with a 7 & 10.
Seeing as the standard discharge score is 0, K looks to be staying there for a while. The doc did, however, tell K that he is a special case (ie foreign & can't speak Japanese & therefore lonely) so they'll let him out when he gets to 3.
But 7 & 10 definitely aren't 3.

Last week was a bad week for The German.
Firstly, he got the test scores back. He was hoping for lower - which would give him hope - the light at the end of the LONG DARK hospital tunnel. So the results did knock away a lot of positivity - for both him & me.
Then he got told off. Why? Well, apparently other inmates have complained that K hums while he brushes his teeth.
Not only that, the evil German also whistles while he's making coffee.
And that's not all, the naughty disrespectful German has the nerve to use deodorant - THAT SMELLS NICE!!!!!
What a selfish bastard, eh?
So the nurse told him off.

Yup, can show NO signs of ANY positivity in case you may piss off the other patients.

So, in order to improve the German's image, his band turned up at the hospital yesterday with a guitar, a bongo drum & K's bass. What to know how long they managed to play before they got told off? 10 minutes.
But it made K smile - the first real one i had seen all week.

:::WARNING - Extreme Rant Below:::

As for me, i am constantly tired. I am so tired that my short memory is completely screwed - i can't remember things i have done the day before. I am also struggling hard with resentment. i HATE this situation. I hate that i am in it. And i hate that nobody can help me. I hate going to the hospital every fucking day. I hate the hospital. And i hate that i have deal with all this crap and still have to do my job. I dream about having a whole day to myself where i don't have to leave home & can just sit on the sofa, drink beer, and watch crap TV.

And now I've got that out, I'll shut up.


arumanda said...

don't just shut up. that's silly, dear miss sin. rant until you don't need to rant any more. send emails, phone, blog, tell strangers in the street, talk to yourself.

take a day off. don't leave home. just sit on the sofa, drink beer and watch crap tv. do what you gotta do to stay sane, and healthy. and if you aren't sane and healthy, you ain't gonna be any help to the german. take care of yourself ne! my thoughts are with you both.

Sigsy said...

You are so entitled to rant. Keep it real baby.
I live in Shinjuku and you are very welcome to come round for a cuppa or a beer one night.
Sputum test at the door.
What time do you usually leave the hospital? Next week could be good. Tuesday best or Thursday.