04 July, 2009

The Worst is OVER!

The last few days have been some of the most stressful days in my life.
But i survived. I had numerous mini-meltdowns, but i got through it all.
I successfully moved out of my place, got my stuff shipped, had all the furniture taken away & came out of it all feeling a huge sense of freedom.

I know i'd been stressed, but i didn't realise how much until everything was over & i arrived here in Kurihama chez Michael & Shingo. When i got here, i finally felt free. I don't have anything to worry about - just getting to the airport on Monday morning. That's it. No boxes. No cubic metres. No packing. No moving companies. It's all done!

Still, there's a huge sense of dis-belief. Am i really doing this? Am I really going to Germany? Am i really going to leave Japan? YES! I AM!
1 week ago, moving was something that made my stomach clench & my appetite die
6 months ago, it seemed like a insurmountable mountain.
2 years ago, me leaving Japan was something i could not imagine or foresee.

And look where i am now. Wow.

Amazing where life leads us.

The only downer - and it's a huge one - has been the goodbyes. Have not been enjoying them at all. Guess that's only natural. Kind of weird though because usually i'm the one who's staying & my friends are leaving. And you know what? Despite the goodbyes being bloody hard, i think being left is so much harder than leaving. Of course it's hard saying goodbye, and I've had a lot - and the hardest goodbyes are yet to come - but i'm so excited about moving forward. That's not to say i won't miss Japan. Of course i will. But i am really excited about my new European life.

But yes. Enough random thoughts.

This will be, most likely, my last post from Japan.

So, Japan, thank you for being one the most fascinating & frustrating friends - always around me. I grew up here, and became me here. Japan will always be with me.

My J-friends. My one regret is that Metropolis life is too crazy that i couldn't have spent more time with you all. You've all been important to me in many different ways. Some of you have been my sounding boards, some of you have been my shoulder to cry on, some of you have been my slice of home, some of you have opened my eyes to the world, some of you have been my drinking buddies. And some of you have been all of the above.
So, for that, thank you. I'll miss you all, but this is NOT the end. I'll definitely be back with The German for a visit at some point. And you'll always be welcome in Germany.

And failing that, you can always read about my new German adventures here.

Going to stop writing now, before i make myself cry....


j-ster said...

Aw, its all pretty intense, ne...

Moving gave me eczema. Maybe you remember that leprosy on the top of my foot that started 6 months before i left? Well it went a bit crazy in the humid heat of Thailand. I have to say tho, the goodbyes were very interesting; each person deals with them very differently and not always as you would expect, I liked that.

Safe travels babe xxx

(heh, my word verification word is "crock")

tanabata said...

Glad things seem to have gone well and you survived the stress of it all. I'd be excited too if I were you, so have a good trip and I hope that Germany is everything you hope it will be!

arumanda said...

you made it through to the other side.

congratulations and a huge huge otsukare!

i'm so so excited for you. we're watching and egging you on from melbourne. there's always a small piece of natsukashii tokyo right here.


MissSin said...

Thank you, ladies.
It's really weird sitting here in Stuttgart thinking about last week.

Seems so far away. Interesting how the mind closes things off & puts memories away in little boxes.

Even managed to get through the goodbyes relatively unscathed. Still, was really sad to say goodbye to everyone. But I know we'll be able to pik up where we left off. AND M&S have promised to visit us next year!