30 June, 2009

Meltdown Madness

I thought things were too good to be true - everything was going along smoothly.

I managed to organise a moving company to take my stuff to France, a company to move some stuff to my friends' and another company to take all the left overs away.
That's Wednesday (international moving), Thursday (domestic stuff), Friday (everything else)

Wednesday is tomorrow. I thought i would be ready for it.
Yesterday, i got home & had a complete meltdown. A combination of stress & extreme panic.
Those who know me really well know that i'm really not good in extreme situations. And this is extreme - i'm moving home & changing jobs. I'm also leaving the life i've known for 12 years (plus 6 more before that).
And the biggest thing is that i have SO MUCH STUFF. And everything costs SO MUCH MONEY.

I have been trying to whittle down my stuff & get it down to 2 cubic metres, but i don't really know how big that is. I will find out tomorrow though...
I have thrown away SO much stuff. I'm giving a way a lot too. But there seems to be SO MUCH left over. And it is completely overwhelming me; i have constant stomach cramps, i'm not sleeping properly, and i'm prone to bursting into random floods of tears.

The logical part of me is whispering in my ear, 'Just wait. 4 more days & it'll be all done'.
And i know that.
I'm also glad that my meltdown & panic is just the whole moving thing. I'm not suddenly having regrets and i'm REALLY looking forward to moving to Germany & starting my new life with The German. (Although, i have realised that once i'm in Germany, i won't be able to call him 'The German' because everyone will be German. Guess he'll be upgraded to 'My German'...)

ANYWAY - I know things will be OK. I just need to get through to Friday, then i can relax.
Just wanted to vent here; problem shared, a problem halved, and all that.

And on a final little note: thanks you everyone who made the trek out to Tsunashima for my sayonara party on 21st. Was really lovely to see you all & be surrounded by such happy faces. And i'm sorry if i passed out before you left & didn't say goodbye...the perils of Jaegermeister, eh? =)


Martine said...

Just sent you a pic of my 1.2 cubic metres - hope that helps.

Moving countries on your own steam, with no company or family to help out is probably one of the most stressful things I've done, and I've done it twice now. I think it gets easier.... I can barely remember the stress of 6 months ago now, and it's a great way to get rid of all that junk and clutter you acquire over time. Think of it like a shedding of skin. Making way for the new. Yahoooo. You're going to be living in GERMANY!!!! WIth YOUR GERMAN!!! SOOOO exciting.

Also honey, remember to drink water - a lot of it, it will help relieve the stress some, seriously, and I know how it gets when you're busy - drinking water is one of the last things on your mind - here is a spiel I ripped from the web for you coz I know I've said this a few times and you don't believe me!:

It has become a practice to regard a "dry mouth" as a signal of body water needs, which is further assumed to be well-regulated if the sensation of "dry mouth" is not present. A dry mouth is the last outward sign of extreme dehydration, however. Damage occurs to the body at a persistent lower level of hydration. Because of a gradually failing thirst sensation, the body becomes chronically and increasingly dehydrated.

Signals of dehydration can be any of the following symptoms:

Heartburn, stomach ache

Non-infectious recurring or chronic pain

Low back pain


Mental irritation and depression

Water retention ( ironic but true! )

Muscle weakness and pain

Rapid Heartbeat

Headaches, dizzy or light-headed. General weakness.

Further problems often develop when the sensation of thirst urges an intake of water, and instead, soda pop, coffee, or alcohol-containing beverages are taken to quench the thirst. While these beverages contain water, they are actually dehydrating fluids. Not only do they eliminate the water contained in them, but they also cause you to lose further amounts of water from your body's reserves!

Daily Water Requirements: Drink 50-75% of your body weight in ounces. Sedentary people: 50%; Active people: 75%

Good luck babe, you're gonna wake up in a few days and it'll all be done and things are going to be so good.


MissSin said...

Thank you、Aunty Marty.
Believe it or not, I have been trying to drink more water & less alcohol. Admittedly, i haven't been totally successful - but i have limited the drinking to my sayonara parties. AND - this you really won't believe - i have been drinking at least one litre of water a day. Know that's not quite enough, but it's better than nothing. AND i have cut down my coffee intake.

Man - i think i am coming across all defensive. Don't mean to be. I just wanted to let you know that i have actually been trying to be a tad more responsible for myself...believe it or not :)

But thank you - had no idea that lack of water had so many more signs...

Balefire said...

You certainly seemed well in control last night when John and I met up with you for a...ahem...couple of drinks.

I hope that everything went smoothly today, and that you have a great trip.

Have a look at my (much sparser) blog if you get bored.

MissSin said...

Mike - thanks for our night out.
Spending a night with my two big bearded blokes was the perfect stress release to a long day =)