15 July, 2009

The (Limbo) New Life

I have been in Germany now for just over a week, and am feeling good.

But i have to admit to being in state of limbo. My life right now is really an "in between" life.
And no, I don't feel stuck between two countries or two lives, not at all. I am fully embracing this new life with both hands. I'm happy here; Europe in summer is a lovely place to be.

But things ARE in limbo.

The day i arrived, The German got confirmation that he would, indeed, be allowed to take 3 months off (September - November). So we ARE going travelling! Yippee!

However, this also means that there isn't much point job hunting. It's only 6 weeks away, and i couldn't really get a job & then quit. Saying that, I have successfully postponed a couple of job interviews until December.

It also means a postponement of us finding our own place - not much point paying rent on a place for 3 months when we're not even there. So we're living in a room in a shared flat. Luckily the flatmates are all lovely people (all university students and about 10 years younger than me!!)

Therefore, this means, i have 6 weeks of being the ultra hausfrau; cooking, washing & sporadic cleaning. Am really hoping that The German doesn't get too comfortable with this life though...
Don't know how long this joy of being a hausfrau will last, but for the moment, it's cool. It's just nice to be living a really slow life. No more rush hour trains, no more early mornings, no more officedom. And I have to admit that there is some satisfaction in taking care of my man, not very Women's Lib of me, but hey, it was my choice!

And for excitement, this weekend K & me and the flatmates are going to Melt! Festival. Believe it or not, this will be first proper festival experience (can't really count Summer Sonic, as I went home in the evenings....) Am *really* excited about that. The tickets were a present from K to welcome me to Germany & for me to allow him on a crazy boys' festival weekend next month. If this is what i get when he goes away, there's absolutely no worries - he can go away whenever he likes...just not too often.

Not much else on the horizon though. Going back to Mülheim (K's hometown) for a weekend or two. Also need to register with the local council. It's so lovely being an EU citizen - no paperwork or anything. Just need to register my address. That's all
Also need to renew my passport; it runs out in December, so won't be able to enter most countries while we're travelling. For some reason, there must be 6 months remaining on your passport before you enter most countries, even though they only give visas for upto 3 months. Means that your passport isn't really valid for 10 years, just 9 and a half. All a bit cheeky, methinks.
And, if possible, i want to join a German course. Definitely needs to get some language skills here.

So, that is the life i am leading. I will have 5 months off from reality. FIVE WHOLE MONTHS!
Am really looking forward to travelling with K. As yet, we haven't really done any concrete planning. However, Asia seems the top choice; name the Philippinnes swiftly followed by Indonesia & Cambodia. Am also hoping that we will be able to hit Australia too.

This is a good life so far. I have absolutely no regrets about making the choice to be here with the German.


Indigorayz said...

Wahoo! Isnt it wonderful when you find yourself where you are supposed to be! It all just feels soooooooooo good!
BTW if you get to Oz you better come visit me....I wanna meet K! Oh and see you of course! xxxx

arumanda said...

oh yes, do come play

MissSin said...

Will try & come to Melbourne. Nothing at all is fixed yet though - we need to start planning & look into the time/financial realities of getting everywhere.

Anonymous said...

What are you using for an email address now -guess the curriculum one isn't much good any more!!!