08 July, 2009

A Modern Day Tanabata Story

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Star Girl lived in a country far far away seperated from Star Boy by mountains, oceans & an annoying 7-hour time difference.

The distance proved too much for Star Girl & Star Boy, so Star Girl decided to travel across the skies to find Star Boy & live a new life with him.

On 6th July, Star Girl embarked on her journey; flying to Star Boy across the skies, travelling over mountains, continents & leaving behind a life. Star Girl was so happy to be on her way to Star Boy. The skies were clear and she was on her way. The universe was smiling.

But the universe wasn't smiling for very long.
Star Girl got to her transit point. The point in her own country (aka the dreaded Terminal 5) where she would change vessels and continue her journey.
And then skies opened. Thunder & Lightning & heavy clouds blocked her path to Star Boy.
Star Girl spent hours & hours & hours in the dreaded Terminal 5.
Emotional hours - was it just a delay? PLEASE let it be just a delay.
At first the news was hopeful - just a two hour delay until she could take to the skies again.
But then the news changed to bad. There would be no vessels for her to board that evening.
Star Girl would not be meeting Star Boy.

So, Star Girl got her bags, got befriended by some two girls who took pity on Star Girl's tears, and waited in line after line: the re-ticketing line, the hotel coupon line then the hotel shuttle bus line. 3 hours later, Star Girl was in a hotel; nearer to Star Boy, but feeling so far away.

Then 7th July - Tanabata Day - came.
Would the skies have cleared enough for Star Girl to reach her new home?
With antrepidation & nervousness, Star Girl went back to the dreaded Terminal 5. She checked in with her new friends - everything seemed OK. The skies seemed clear - no sunshine, but no thunder.
Star Girl boarded her new vessel to carry her to Star Boy & 90 minutes later, she was in the arms of Star Boy.
The universe had smiled upon Star Girl & Star Boy & finally let them be together.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the original Tanabata story, go here


j-ster said...

Gorgeous!!! Good luck with your travels Hoshi HImesama!

arumanda said...

glad you made it out the other end! have fun