03 June, 2009

June? ALREADY??????

Time is whipping by at a crazy pace; but here i am plodding along at the same old speed & am not even that stressed out by everything.
Admittedly, i do have little freak outs - "F$$K! I'm leaving next month!" - but that's about as far as it goes. Not sure if i am going to have a delayed freak out, or it's going to jump up on me while i'm not looking, but at the moment I feel positive, calm & forward looking.

I think the main reason for feeling this way have been the events of the last week or so.
2 weeks ago, K's dad passed away. Not a complete surprise, but still painful & sad none the less.
For me, i wish i could have known Wolfgang more & really wish i had learnt some German so i could have spoken with him directly.
On the other hand, i am grateful that i did have the chance to meet him, drink beers with him & see him smile. He was a lovely man & will be greatly missed by lots of people.

K asked me to go over to Germany for the funeral, so i did. Wasn't the easiest of trips, but it showed me 2 things:
1. Moving to Germany is by FAR the best thing i can do with my life
2. Life is short & i really shouldn't get myself stressed out with the small stuff. Life is definitely for living.

So, yeah, packing? Moving? Learning German? Finding a job? Pah! That's nothing.
The most important thing is moving forward, enjoying life & making sure K & i smile everyday.

(am sure i am going to regret writing this post when i have my pre-move meltdown!!!!)


j-ster said...

Wooo, exciting times ahead! Im thinking "June already!?!" too, wishing things would slow down a bit. Ok, enough mucking around, back to site survey methodologies report.

Sigsy said...

Love this post - you go girl - can't wait to see you on Sunday!