24 November, 2008

・・・Ups & Downs In Sinland・・・

Been a lot going on in the last few weeks - so here's a round up of the good, the bad & the ugly:

K's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer; luckily is appears to be treatable, but that still means a course of chemo and radiation. Really feel bad for K's family - this year truly has been a shitty one health wise.

My grandma is bouncing in & out of hospital (she's out at the moment). She keeps having random black outs which have become more and more frequent. Hospital has checked out pretty much every part of her body which could potentially cause this, but have come up with nothing. It's really worrying for those close to her; who have to deal with it & pick her up. However, grandma is quite blase about the whole thing; 'Oh, I'm blacked out, so don't feel a thing!' Funny woman...

K reached the end of his 6-month TB treatment. He went to the hospital, and the doctor said he would have to have a further 3-months' worth of meds because he took so long to get a negative sputum test. So, that's not even over yet. But it does mean we'll both be ending our meds in February (if everything goes to plan...)

I'm still feeling OK (touch wood). Have another TB check up next week, so will see for sure then.
Had my first company health check a couple of weeks ago. That was definitely an experience. Had pretty much everything prodded and/or x-rayed. Even did the barium thing. I opted out of the chest x-ray, seeing as i have already had 4 or 5 this year, and think my lungs are doing pretty well. Haven't had the results yet, but as the nurses/doctors didn't let out any gasps of shock or surprise (or even awe, sadly), I don't think anything too awful will show up.

I have actually bought my ticket to Germany - flying into Frankfurt on 19th December & flying out on 11th January. Still trying to sort out the logistics of when, where & who - 2 families & three countries. Fun. Least they're all in the same continent & neighbouring countries.

Last Saturday, i went to the Dr Sketchy Exhibition Party, which turned out to be one of the best nights out i had had in ages. Lots & lots of fun & smiles & friendly faces. And lots of wows! Go here, here, here and here to see who wowed me. Came away inspired - now want to know where i can buy nipple tassels and fluffy underwear...

25 days till Germany...

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arumanda said...

i can get you some. just went to SEXPO last weekend and found all that and more. utterly fascinating. glad you had some fun.
let me know what coloured fluffy undies you want!