02 December, 2008

Consumptive Diaries - Part 28: No it's not over yet!

Went to the hospital for my monthly check up & prescription refill today.
And the news is good! My liver function is slowly returning to normal - now a 35 (from a 37 last month). A healthy liver should be around 30, so i'm nearly there! Woohoo!

The doctor did, however, say something that made me think.
I've just been thinking in terms of numbers,("Shit - it's over 100!") with regards to my liver. Wasn't really thinking in any other terms. But the doctor's comment today was that there was still some remaining damage to my liver, but it had nearly gone.
I hadn't been thinking in terms of damage at at all. I was always thought the high numbers meant that i was at risk of damage - not that my liver was actually being damaged. Luckily, because my liver is nearly back to normal, the news didn't freak me out that much.
And the fact that the liver can repair/regenerate/whatever itself is also a reassuring thought.

In other news, i got back the results from my company health check.
It was interesting because it's like a report card & you get graded (A, B or C) for your various functions.
I got mostly As (a first in my life, believe me!!). I did however get a B and C.
Apparently, a B means to take care of this area, but not to worry too much. And a C means that you have to have a recheck at some point.

My B was for cholesterol. Apparently, i've got a little too much of the bad cholesterol. However, i've got a shed load of the good type & they kind of balance out, so there's no problems there.

And the C? One guess.
Yup. My liver. No surprises there.

So, yeah, I am healthy! Good blood, good stomach, good lung capacity, good eyes, good intestines, good heart and good poo.

(They test everything, you know...)

So, in honour of the good medical results this week, i'm posting a photo a rainbow i took last week.
Realised that i don't see too many rainbows in Japan. Don't know if it's me, but am sure i saw way more in England (probably because of the pissy & constantly changing weather). I miss rainbows - so i was really glad i could actually take a photo of one for once. Usually they end up as a smudge in the sky...

17 days till Germany!!


arumanda said...

good for you

Sandi said...

We get lots of rainbows in Seattle, for the same reason.

Had a great visit with Cynthia, and she is convinced she will move here with Osamu, when she finishes school in a couple years. I knew she would fit right in with my ridiculous friends.

We are going to San Fran again, right after xmas, because the kids have 2 weeks off and I need a roadtrip to keep it sane. Besides, they rest of my family hasn't met Zion or seen Chad in ages.

Sucks about the health issues of everybody. My mom, too, is having some radiation for a little lump. I hope everyone and everything, like your liver, is doing better these days.

Germany soon! Are you so excited? Duh.