05 November, 2008

Consumptive Diaries Part 27: Even more cautiously optimistic

Went to the hospital yesterday to see how my liver's doing on the new meds.

And it's getting better! Last month was 40 something. This month 30 something.
And usually, the liver gets worse at first while it adjusts itself to the new meds.
Still, I've only been on the meds for 2 weeks & have another 3 and half months to go, but i remain cautiously optimistic.

In other news...

The weekend didn't turn out as terrible as i had anticipated. spent it largely on my own, but watched lots of interesting TV (i now know more shark trivia than ever - for instance, did you know that jalapenos will not work as a shark deterrent?); started a new knitting project & made some good food for myself.

And started planning my Christmas & New year holiday planning. Am planning to go from 19th December to 11th January. And will spend all (or most of it) in the company of the German. AND we are going to go to three countries...Germany, France & England. Think a nice road trip is coming up...

Only 6 and a half weeks to go...

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