31 October, 2008

A F##Ked up Life

It's half way through friday afternoon, and unlike normal people, i am starting to dread the upcoming 3-day weekend.
It feels like this big empty dark space is rapidly coming up to consume me.

No alcohol, no german, no energy: three interlinking, yet not really related factors.

I'm not fricking normal.


Kristen said...

Don't despair. I think many normal people have no energy, no alcohol and no german. There are lots of things going on this weekend if you want to get out and play. It is Tokyo Design Week so you culd look up some of those activities. And on Sunday we are hooping at Yoyogi Park from 1pm.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happens if you take TB meds AND eat beetroot? That should produce some interesting colour combinations :)

I wonder else has that effect on pee that you could try?

maybe the lack of energey is not meds related? Could simply be a low level virus, starting a cold or something? Maybe spending a day in wrapped up warm in bed with a book will help (though with a german would doubtless be preferable)