03 October, 2008

And in other news...

Was walking to the office this morning (as you do), taking my usual underground route under Meiji Dori, when i noticed something different.
First there was a bunch of mannequins modelling autumnal fashions.
Then, lining the walls of the underpass, were lots and lots of photos. All portraits of random people - or so i thought.
A nice lady came up to me & gave me a free pamphlet; apparently this is all part of 'Shibuya 100-', which consists of MOVIEXPHOTOXFASHIONXEXHIBITION.
The portraits are by 20 photographers and are of people in & around Shibuya. Was really interesting as each photographer had his/her own theme. One that especially made me smile was the portraits of Metro staff; all in their various uniforms.
If you have a chance, go have a look see. It's free & on until Monday 13th October.
The website is all in Japanese, but the map shows you where things are. It is worth it; and, did i mention it before, FREE!!!

And in more positive news, The German and i are going to Okinawa on Monday.
One of the things that has been keeping me positive in the last week or so is this website here.
See that beach? Well, I'll be on it on Monday afternoon. 31C and sunny. And it looks like there aren't any typhoons on the way. Yippee!!

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arumanda said...

fabulous. enjoy okinawa. its heavenly as i know you know. get some sun and eat some pork trotter for me! collagen - good for the skin of course!