07 May, 2008

::A to Z of Golden Week::

All night mayhem a few times too many
Beer and lots of it!
Connect 4 - Germany are current European champions
De-stressing and how i didn't realise exactly how much i needed it
Escape from the concrete jungle
First holiday with the German
Gig - The German's first one on Japan with his band (see L)
Hangovers (see B)
Izu - love that place!
Just being able to to relax and not have to worry about anything (see D & W)
Keni & Kathie at Paradise cafe; always so welcoming
Let's Go Amazing - the German plays bass
Michael & Shingo's new house in Kurihama; lots of light & greenery - lovely
No Worries! (The German's favourite new phrase)
Odoriko Go; the nice train that whisked us away from Kawasaki & directly to Shimoda
Poppies in Kurihama Flower Park - one million of them, apparently.
Quality Seafood - went to a great fish restaurant in shimoda called Ryoma
Rain in Izu (see C)
Sunshine in Izu (much better than R)
Trees and green space and no tall buildings (see E)
Urlaub (thanks to the German for this one....)
Very random encounter with Maxx & Dex's teacher at a house party in Harajuku
Work - none of it for 10 whole days
Xtreme lack of 7-11s in Shimoda (which if you are a Citibank user is quite troubling...)
Young french boy running around the beach in nothing but sunglasses and a yellow sun hat
Zzzzzz - sleeping for 12 hours, which i haven't done for ages

(Thanks to the German for helping me with some of the difficult letters....)


arumanda said...

good to see you got what you needed. and i mean that in the nicest of possible ways!

i like the alphabet layout. very cute. very creative. be well and refreshed and bubbly :)

MissSin said...

Thank you, Miss A.

Glad to see you out and about in cyberspace too....