16 May, 2008

*Recipe For Stress*

7 days of bad sleep
5 early mornings
1 sick German
1 tuberculosis diagnosis
1 order to return to Germany by August

A splash of rain
A sprinkle of allergies
A dash of cold symptoms

1. Mix all ingredients in large bowl
2. Coat large saucepan with a thick layer of city stress
3. Pour ingredients into saucepan, mix thoroughly & cook on high heat until boiling
4. Serve on large plates with side dish of work frustration
5. Add seasoning to taste

Note: Best served with cold beer (in very large quantities)


Anonymous said...


I hope lunch with J-Dad in there somewhere was able to relieve at least some of the tensions -made me feel good at least!

MissSin said...

Yes, that WAS a great stress relief, thank you.
When are we going to do it again?!