09 August, 2007


'wasted little djs' - the view

been writing too many negative posts at the moment, so i've decided that this one is going to be a full-on positive one.

going to attempt to list 10 things that have been making me happy:

1. my hair
yeah, know that sounds a little bimbette-y, but i love having dark hair. think it looks better than my natural hair colour (dirty blonde) and i feel more 'me' with it like this. had it done again last weekend, and am revelling in the darkness...

2. knitting
brings me peace & stops me from snacking while i am watching crap on tv. also means i can make cute things for my friends. these two critters were originally meant for martine, but one of her younger guests at the bbq last month adopted them & took them home (don't worry martine - you will get some new ones of your own)

3. friends
keep on saying this, but friends have really anchored me & stopped me completely flipping out.
you know who you are - thank you.

4. blue corn
again, a regularly mentioned place & also overlaps with 3. but again, blue corn has been a refuge.

5. m
watching it, listening to it - whatever. Tower Records says is best - 'No Music - No Life'

6. losing weight
haven't been trying really hard, but in the past year i have managed to lose about 7 kgs. and i feel a lot better for it. am constantly surprised to be fitting into clothes i haven't worn for 2 or more years. and i feel so much better for it - don't get out of breathe as much, no nasty chafing effects, and did i say i can wear my old clothes again - AND THEY'RE LOOSE ON ME!!!!!!

7. summer
have a bitter-sweet relationship with summer. a lot of the time, it makes my frustrated & angry. but am noticing more of the positive things: summer festivals, bright colour clothes, beer tastes better, chirping insects, fireworks, the sea... yeah - there's lots of good stuff.

Hmmm...having trouble making it to 10.
but seven is a good number. OK - SEVEN things that make me happy.

can you do the same? i pass this challenge out to you - no deep thinking. just sit down at the computer, and list seven things that make you happy. off the top of your head.

ooh...did i just create a meme?

yeah - i throw down the gauntlet.
if you blog, post your seven.
if you're a commentor, list them here.


j-ster said...

I can still surf a bit and write comments tho, ne?

I think your dark hair really rocks! It really suits you, i understand why you say you feel more you with dark hair!

I will get around to this meme and also arumanda's as soon as Ken is gone! And now Im going to eat the dinner he has cooked for me!

tanabata said...

You must really be turning Japanese if cicadas are enjoyable summer sounds instead of the annoying, noisy critters they really are! ;P