05 June, 2007


'blue drag' - django reinhardt

went up to kita urawa (in a galaxy far FAR away) to go see some live music with sandi on sunday.
The event was called 'みんなでSWING', but there wasn't much swinging going on...although i have to admit that i think i was staggering by the end of the day - not quite the same thing, is it?
Anyway, it was a great day with lots of great musicians, many of whom i've seen before (mooney, sachiko, massy - amongst others) but it was great to see them somewhere new. was going to put my photos up, but i realised most of them are blurry - hmmm, i wonder why? an unsteady hand perhaps?! but sandi's pictures & video are way better - and see as i was sitting next to her all day, my photos aren't that different anyway. So go have a look at her blog - i especially like the random karaoke in the middle (just ignore the carpenters...that was NOT me, that was my evil karaoke singing twin...)

the other picture is another fuzzy one - man, were MY hands shaking that day - but i did have it on the highest zoom, so there is a bit of an excuse for the poor quality of this one...
there was this granny with her young granddaughter who were wrapped up in their own little world. the girl was blowing bubbles, and grandma was fanning them with her fan (there MUST be a better way of saying 'fanning with her fan' but i don't know how today - not enough functioning braincells left)

anyway - with my fascination with bubbles & my love of cheesy moments, this filled me up with joy & happiness. i was definitely glowing.

but on the other hand, it could have had something to do with the 4 beers i'd had previous to seeing them...

oh, yeah, and a massive coffee....

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Martine said...

yup, looks like it twas a most uproarious bit 'o fun!

the clothes swap missed you. got some awesome clothes.