22 May, 2007

..refresh happy time..

golden master key – スーパーカー

been a busy month. then again, when have I had a month that HASN’T been busy?

but this month has been good-busy instead of just crazy-busy.

so what have I done? well, most of may was spent with sister sin. she came over right at the end of april, then spent three weeks – part of which was golden week.

we spent a lot of the time drunk, and we spent even more time smiling.

we spent a lot of time with friends and we managed to do a bit of site-seeing…

we went up for a bbq at j-daddy’s; we wandered around harajuku with sandi & the boys; we did blue corn (a few times!); we had dinner at m&s’; we had mellow evenings at home but there were 2 highlights.

first was a girls’ road trip to Izu. sister sin was the driver, sandi (who's written a lot more - and better - than me about our trip) & me were the passengers down there. had bloody lovely weather for the 2 days we were there – managed to burn myself as usual (I am SUCH a brit when I get out in the sun…)

went to Ohama right at the end of the Izu peninsular, and stayed at the same place I stayed with j-ster a few years back (oba-chan still brings random gifts of food everyday…)

martine made it down on Saturday night and there were 4. had a lovely day/weekend/evening. was great to get away from Tokyo & all the greyness and concrete & I feel really recharged after that.

after izu, sister sin & me had an overnight trip to Disney Sea. we’ve both been there before, but this time we stayed at the miracosta hotel inside the park. was great – we could watch the shows from our hotel room. bloody expensive, but well worth the cash (thanks, sis!)

so, yeah, been a busy but good month.

realized some things too.

need to get WAY more green in my life. or ocean or SOMETHING. can’t spend my week/weekends bouncing around between work & blue corn. need to make more time to get out of Tokyo.

but I am doing something about it. next month, mooney’s playing at paradise café back down in izu, so the Davis clan and me are heading down to Ohama for another road trip. be very different to the girls’ road trip, but sure it will be fun. (note to self: take Nintendo DS in order to play with the boys)

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j-ster said...

I remember that place!!!! Did you make it to the onsen too? Ive forgotten the name....

And yes, I agree, getting out of Tokyo on a regular basis is hugely important, getting some green or water makes a big difference to the mental balance, shame its so expensive tho.