11 June, 2007

=== EE-ZOO ===

'not so manic now' - dubstar

was going to write a long pictorial post about the trip to izu with sandi-family, but i managed to leave my camera in their car, so i am photo-less.
so, instead, you get 2 photos from my keitai (taken on the trip), which i messed around with.

twas a good trip - but very different than the girls' trip last month. used way more energy (mental & physical), had my patience tried, went on mini discovery trips, played various sports, had super mario competitions (i lost horribly), played scrabble, had a dinner date with a 7-year old and played connect four (which i won)

also managed to drink copious amounts of beer, watch mooney play & laugh lots.

yeah, it was a good weekend.

1 comment:

Sandi said...

You survived, that's what counts!

Maybe D can take you to prom someday...