07 June, 2007


'jealous control girls' - gossip

++ be warned - random rant below ++

am stuck at my desk, with a pc & my ipod.
am fighting the abyss of tiredness & general all round ennui...and because of that, i feel my evil mischievous side wishing it could come out to play.
but maybe it can? maybe I can play around with post-it notes in the office.

or maybe i can just do a few random things to confuse people?

or maybe i could just sneak down to the conbini, and buy a big can of beer, down it, then just slump at my desk in a tipsy haze?

nah, that would be unprofessional, that would. and you know me, the ultimate professional.

hmm...getting twitchy fingers. and an evil glint in my eye.
think i will just sit here chuckling evilly to myself.

just pity poor martine who i'm meeting for dinner later....who knows what kinds of evil i will have thought of by then....

now i've just had a worrying thought - why am i thinking evil things? why do i feel a grand urge to do mischief? is it some reflection on my dark character?

ah, bugger...who cares? evil thoughts are more fun than pink fluffy ones.


j-ster said...

Ha! Let your devil roam free!

Sandi said...

Oh, HELL yeah. I have those thoughts, too. But they tend to be much more destructive when I let them out, so it's a good thing I don't have them as often as I used to.