28 March, 2007

⋆ nose amputation ⋆

'debris slide' - pavement


and then we have all the two (or more) word phrases:

in a temper...in a frenzy...beside myself...hopping mad...hot under the collar...foaming at the mouth...in a lather...in a paddy...fit to be ties...bent out of shape...teed off...ticked off

(thanks to the oxford thesaurus for all the words....i am really not that inspired & wordfull to think of so many synonyms for 'angry')

that's how i am feeling today. and have been feeling since monday.

think i can hear all of you saying 'not another boy incident'.
Nope - you're wrong this time. am staying away from boys because i fall for them & then they break me. but that's another story for another day. actually, it's not. it is a non-story.

but anyway...

why am i a grumpy bitch from hell?


if swearing offends you - PISS OFF.
sorry, i am incapable of being nice and sensitive (not as if i am that clean mouthed at the best of times anyway...)

i am currently in sinus hell. my face hurts, my eyes ache, it hurts to wear glasses & i am grumpy.
ok, so the grumpy thing may have something to do with PMS - but i am still going to blame my frigging sinuses for EVERYTHING!

permanent headache this week? SINUSES!
waking up late in the morning? SINUSES!
earthquakes in ishikawa? MY SINUSES!
war in iraq? MY SINUSES!
general dis-ease & unhappiness all round the world? MY F-ING SINUSES

yeah - bloody powerful these damn sinuses.

and you know the frigging best thing about it all?

headache pills - NO
allergy pills - NO
sinus medication - NO (what's the point of THAT then?!)
aromatherapy - NO (but i grudgingly admit that it did ease the pressure in my head for a while)
steam - NO (but when i was in the steam it was kind of ok, but it's not as if i can walk around in a steam bath all the time, is it? i'd look f-ing stupid)

btw - if anyone, anyone at all, has any other suggestions for dealing with chronic sinus infections, please please PLEASE tell me.

anyway - i just needed to get all this negativity out so i could feel more whole.

actually, that's a lie:
i feel like shit, and i want to spread the shitness around a bit. i want people to know how crap i feel....yeah, i am a truly nasty evil sick person to be around. (no wonder i'm single...)

anyone doctor who can do nose amputations? don't care what i would look like - just want to get rid of the pain....


tanabata said...

Oh I so sympathize with you! Sinuses are truly evil!!! Unfortunately I haven't found a great cure either, although for some reason the Boots Alternatives Catarrh Relief tablets do help a bit sometimes. Too bad they're almost gone. Have you tried Allergy Sinus pills (yes together) sometimes they work. When my sinuses are really bad I always tend to visualize sticking a needle into them, and drawing out the pressure. Course that just ends up making me more frustrated!!
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Nice hair though, by the way.

j-ster said...

Antibiotics work in about 1/5 of sinus infection, and they worked for me a couple of times... Not every time tho. I used Clear Sinus once and that worked.

Wrote about it here:


j-ster said...

Oh and your hair looks really CUTE!

Indigorayz said...

hey darl! Nothing like that insistent paint hat wont go away and infects every part of your life and everyone who yo come into contact with! iTS SO FARKING DRAINING!
There is an acupuncturist just around the corner from your building in Shibuya.....why dont yo give that a try!Wish I could help you from here cos I do know a few points that are great !but alas i dont think im that much of a good shot!

arumanda said...

good to see you still have your sense of humour despite the pain of it all. take care, can't be easy.

i for one would like to see you attempt to walk around in a steam bath though...

j-ster said...


Lets see if the link works better this time. Hope you are feeling a bit better by now tho!

j-ster said...

http://www.threadsofgold.info/index.php/threadsofgold/ pages/its_a_miracle/

Gah, you will have to take out the space in front of "pages".

MissSin said...

Thank you everyone for all your advice...very much appreciated.

Didn't know there was an acupuncturist round here. Might try him (assume it's a man - ususally is here...) next time.

and the drugs sound good too.

but, you will all be pleased to here that the fog of pain has lifted. woohoo! found my own little remedy:
go out, drink copious amounts of alcohol, then sleep all the next day. at least the pain of the hangover took my mind of my sinuses.... :)