30 March, 2007

日本民家園::Japan Open Air Folk Museum

'heavenly van halen' - stereolab

already sandi & martine have blogged about our little expedition - but i wanted to put up a couple of my photos too....
last wednesday, we all went to the Japanese Open Air Folk Museum.
i've been wanting to go there ever since i moved to kawasaki - erm, 10 years now!! and i was WELL impressed. don't know about you, but one of the things that i find disappointing is the lack of english explanations in museums/parks/cultural places. ok, yes, this is japan. but if the place has made an effort to advertise in english - why don't they bother to put signs up there in english?
anyway - i went there, fully expecting not much english. and guess what? there was LOADS! it really impressed me. all the houses are real houses from different areas in japan (mainly kanto & shin-etsu) which have been taken down then rebuilt in the park. yeah, very cool place & i highly recommend it to anyone who it interested in how japanese people used to live & for the nihongo-challenged. also good for taking visiting family members. and it's an easy day trip out - about 30~40 minutes from Shinjuku on the odakyu line.
funnily enough, was talking to sister sin at the weekend, and asked her what she wants to do here (other than go to disney sea) and she said she wants to go there....said it was the only place of interest she could find in kawasaki.

also, if you do decide to go the folk museum, you can also visit the
Taro Okamoto Museum of Art
which is right next door. we didn't go to the museum, but we did have ice cream & beer in the cafeteria there. Maxx decided that their ice cream was one of his top three ice cream experiences...

and if you get bored, you can look at the giant sphincter sculpture outside....

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