22 March, 2007

= Art? Doodle? DoodleArt? =

'destroy everything you touch' - ladytron

i seem to have surrounded myself with uber-talented people: musicians, photographers, artists, academics, craftspeople....and i have to say that i am sometimes highly jealous of their skills/talents/devotion.
i am also, at the same time, supremely proud of them (you?) and if i am to be totally honest, i am chuffed to have cool friends (to my cool friends who are reading this, you are my friend because i like you, not just because you improve my cool ranking....honest!!)

anyway - before i dig a big hole for myself; lose all my cool friends and find myself alone, drunk & befriending random people on the street, let me write about what i originally intended...

my question is 'when doodles become art?'
in fact, can doodles ever even be considered art?
above are some of my more serious doodles...yeah, i believe doodles CAN be serious. ok, i am a freak, but for me i have 2 main types of doodle:
1. the listening doodle.
this is a random doodle that i do when i am on the phone, or in a meeting, or thinking about random stuff. usually, for me, it comes out as loads of stars & flowers.

2. the serious doodle.
i do this doodle when i am killing time, and i really focus on it. i usually do it when i am waiting for someone or something (eg students finishing a test). weird thing is that i've always done pretty much the same pattern. guess i started when i was around 10 or 11 & it hasn't changed much in all that time. i have all the bizarre little rules for myself - for example, the line can never cross itself. and it's become a kind of ritual doodle for me - but it always looks different, even though i have my rules...

so, yeah, above are some of my serious doodles....so, what do you think? and what do you think qualifies as art?


j-ster said...

I think doodleart is a good description, and i think your serious doodles are very cute! I like the idea of the ritual of doodling, but im too chicken to say what art is exactly. I mean, isnt this one of the great questions?

Ive been hanging out with some art students lately, and it seems to me that art is anything created or recreated, with a big spiel behind it and a price tag on it. So in that sense, no, your doodling is not art. But all you have to do to make it art is elaborate a bit more on the rituals that go into it and what it/they represent, and then put it up for sale. Then your doodles will be art.

Seriously tho, ive seen similar designs on postcards, hand-drawn in pen with crazy detail, for ¥500 each. I reckon you could give it a go!

captain howdy said...

i believe that great art can be comprised of doodles miss sin... the muse always descends when you don't expect it - and it can represent a true expression of the subliminal. i don't get hung up on questions of what art actually is, but seeing as it's possible to be emotionally moved by shit like that - yes indeedee... what your subliminal is actually saying can be quite interesting though. i'm no freudian but doesn't flowers reveal a tender sensuous side to your nature and stars a yearning for a better future... and you thought you were just bored on the phone... you sensitive dreamer you. much love,
cpt. h.