02 March, 2007

.. Dijon ..

'time & time again' - counting crows

here's a few photos from my travels to france. i would like to write more a tell you what a lovely trip i had, but i am a walking zombie. i am completely & utterly jetlagged. and, no, it's not actually that bad. i feel like i am walking round in this big pink bubbly thing which is kind of fluffy & soft. not a bad place to be, but am a tad concerned how beer is going to interact with my big pink bubble.

just fyi, these are all photos from Dijon, where the Parents Sin & i spent an hour wandering round looking at really really REALLY old buildings. very cool.

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tanabata said...

Welcome back! Got your postcard BTW. Looking forward to hearing more about the trip when you emerge from the jetlag bubble.