06 August, 2005


went down to shizuoka to visit my friends, the smiths. had a wonderful WONDERFUL time (thank you very muchly, mr & mrs s.)
hadn't seen them for a long time & i was in dire need of an escape from here.
and timing (for once) actually worked out, got myself organised and off i went.

didn't do a lot of exciting activities, mainly hanging out & reconnecting (very worthwhile activities though)
did go to the shizuoka prefectural art museum which has a large rodin exhibit.
the gates of hell were a pretty scary thing to look at - all these screaming faces (including babies) crying to be let out. and then at the top of the gate, the thinker is looking down on them & contemplating it all. didn't know that the thinker was part of a larger piece....but i know now!

most of the time was spent in the company of smith jr. lovely, funny & interesting boy....
i am not used to hanging around little ones, but i had so much fun watching junior run around & do things that made total sense to him, but to no one else.
there truly is a whole different world going on in the mind of a 2 year old.
but it was so interesting to see - and if i am to be totally honest, it made me think 'oh - wouldn't mind one of my own'... which made me kind of panic and push that thought away to back of my head.

really need to get my life sorted out before i embark on thinking about kids.

yeah - things in my world are a little bit topsy-turvy & confused right now.
can't really explain it, because i don't really know myself and that's difficult.

i will muddle through - don't know where things are going but i am going to find a way.

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