26 July, 2005


still not sure about this whole blog thing. what is ok to write?
there's a lot of stuff going on my life, but i don't think i want to shout it all out into this gaping hole of a blog.

so, do i just write about the good stuff?

but then it wouldn't be a true representation of my life
(hey - would love everyone to believe that my life is a constant stream of joy & happiness, but things don't work out that way)

ah...such a dilemma.
guess i should just be me - i'll muddle my way through.

also trying out all the weird & wonderful things i can do with my blog...
hence the colour & photo.


Indigorayz said...

Heeeeeeeee! I am the first to post! Ho Ho he he! My oh my what a fine blog you have!
Now when I move to Oz and we are all outrageously busy , dont wanna hear that you are living the gay old life when you are not! alternatively you could post thoughts without actually indicating that they are necesarily relevant in your life right now,although everyone does kind of wonder anyway but it can kind of just give us some idea of where yor head is at the moment.
I love to hear out my friends life.
I am not looking for the glossy supermodel version of a blog!
I want the cellulite and all!

Shingo said...

I know about your feeling.
I tried to start writing somthing in my blog. But how interesting it is I am only murmuring. I almost gave up.
I recently found out that many bloggers picked general news and topics and then exchage information or their opinions.

Anyway, thanks to you I will try my blog again.