17 April, 2009

Eye Update

Thank you everyone for your thoughts & words. Was nice to know people were out there.
Would have been nicer if people were actually here, but i guess that's the life i have chosen.

Anyway...this is what my face looks like now. A LOT better. Don't know what was up with the lighting when i took this photo, but my forehead isn't grey. Am glad that the cut under my eye has healed relatively nicely. And I'm going to have a cool boxing scar above my eye....makes me look 'ard!

Went to the hospital yesterday to check on the healing process. Doctor measured my eye, to make sure it isn't sunken or swollen (it doesn't seem to be) and asked me how I'm doing. Told him that I am basically OK, but I have a low level of constant pain, with occasional twangs of sharp pain. He checked that i has been taking my medicine (i had) & checked again. And then asked me again. Think he thinks I'm either a) stupid or b) a drug whore.

I know i am neither. I may have a low threshold for pain; then again i have fractured a bone IN MY HEAD!

Anyway, the doctor begrudgingly gave me a prescription for 5 doses of pain killers. My next visit is in 3 weeks. 21 days. I have 5 doses. FIVE. That's some big time rationing I'm going to have to do. He also explained that these pain killers are so strong that i have to take stomach medicine with them. But then i went to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist told me that i could take up to 4 doses a day. Can't be that bloody strong then. And that means i could take my whole supply in 30 hours. But I've got to make it last TWENTY ONE DAYS.

Hmm....did i mention that already? Maybe i am a drug crazed whore after all...

Otherwise, the doctor didn't really say much. Seems that a bone takes about 1 month to heal itself, so i have a while to go. Also i am still banned from blowing my nose. Never thought i would be jealous of people who can honk into their tissue, but i am now. Every time i hear the sound of snot being expelled, I have a pang of jealousy. How screwed is that?!
Also have to exercise my eyes. I'm having a bit of trouble looking up & focusing both eyes together.

So, i have a question for you:

As i mentioned before, i have a pretty much constant level of pain. It is bearable and i can function, but it's making me tired. The pain is feels like a mixture of sinus pain & eye strain, with random sharp twinges that REALLY hurt.
So, how can i reduce the pain without painkillers? I don't really feel the need to become addicted to pain killers, lose my job, home & boyfriend and then have to go into rehab for 6 months or live life on the streets...

Can anyone recommend techniques or herbal remedies? Any ideas would be much appreciated...thank you ;)

(Alcohol doesn't count as a herbal remedy)


Martine said...

Valerian forte - the natural root form of valium, a mild pain killer and relaxant.

Great to see you looking almost normal again baby!

Indigorayz said...

Acupuncture! Will speed the healing process and will aid in clearing the pain! Dont worry if you ask them not to they wont stick pins in your eyes!

Kristen said...

You're healing really well.

Jala neti would clear your sinuses and maybe reduce some of the pain, and it shouldn't damage your bone though check with the doctor before you try it. (Jala neti is nasal irrigation aka pouring saline from one nostril through to the other.)

Anonymous said...


It's the best remedy for anything -It's the body's natural way of recovering.

So make sure you get plenty of it every night -and not booze induced!

Japan Dad

MissSin said...

Thank You everyone for your advice.
Funny thing is, once i finished my regular medication, the pain mostly subsided.
Haven't needed to take any of my super painkillers; haven't even taken any regualr painkillers.
Guess last week was the pain peak & now (hopefully) things are on the up...

Fingers crossed, eh?

Sandi said...

Geez, that's what I get for not checking this in a while. You look so tough!