10 April, 2009

Broken Face

Just when you think things are back on track, something comes along & upsets your world in ways you had never imagined.
I've been having one of those weeks.

Went to Hanami on Sunday to see off Chris & Yuiko. Was a lovely afternoon/evening.
But then...
Somehow, with the combination of beer, sleeplessness (aka jet lag from hell) & a lack of appetite (aka jet lag from hell), i managed to fall & hit my face.
Not only do i not clearly remember how i did it, i don't remember where i did. I have, however, narrowed things down a bit:
1. I got home safely, took my shoes & earrings off and hung my keys up
2. There was no dirt in any of the cuts
3. I found blood drops on the toilet mat
4. I had no dirt or cuts anywhere else on my body - just a couple of bruises
So, this is what i think happened...
I came home OK. I went to the toilet, but felt really sleepy & just dropped there, hitting my face on the toilet. Crashed there for a bit, woke up & then crawled to bed.

(In a side note: when i am really really tired, i have a tendency to completely pass out. Personally, i don't notice because i'm out, but K has told me that i have fallen asleep mid-sentence & he can't wake me up. I've also been known to sleep through earthquakes, alarm clocks & loud music. Not sure whether i should be concerned about this....)

Woke up in the morning with a the face below:

Well, actually, it wasn't quite like that. This is after i went to the local doctor to check it out.
Didn't have any concussion symptoms, so wasn't too worried. Was more concerned about the nasty cuts & whether they would need stitches (they don't).
So all was OK. Just looked a mess, but i can handle that.

Then yesterday, things took a turn for the worse.
Have allergies at the moment, so have a really runny nose. Gava e my nose a good blow yesterday & felt something really weird. It felt like my face was inflating.
It was:

This REALLY scared the crap out of me. Can you imagine????

So, i immediately went back to the local doctor. He (and the nurses...yup, i am a freak) had a good look & referred me to the local hospital.
Spent hours & hours waiting there - but i will not go into that, or the complete tosser of a doctor who thought that because i couldn't speak japanese properly (bear in mind i was stressed, freaked out & he was using medical words which i don't normally use) he would would shout IN MY FACE. Grrr....

After lots of tests (CT & x-ray) and prodding, it was declared that i have a 'blowout fracture'. Did you even know what one is? Neither did i. But i do now.
Scary shit.
Went back to hosipital today to check whether my eye is OK. And it's good news there. Looks like my eye isn't damaged, so eveything should be able to heal naturally. Am going back to the hospital next week to see how it's healing up. Keep your fingers crossed....

In the mean time, i am under strict instructions not to blow my nose.
But i don't think i want to.


Kristen said...

My goodness. What an experience. I hope that your blowout heals itself quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Indigorayz said...

oh honey,you must have been so freaked out! Have you got anyone staying with you at the moment?? I would hate to think of you on your own.......wish I could be there to tuck you up on the sofa and make you lots of tea,or alcoholic beverages or whatever your little heart desired!
My My.........my thoughts and love are with you

j-ster said...

OMG, thats a pretty scary picture! Im glad to hear it will all heal ok tho, and that your hasnt been damaged. You musta blown your nose very hard indeed. Can we call you Puffy now?

tanabata said...

Oh wow! Ouch! I hope it looks worse than it actually is, and that it heals quickly!!