28 December, 2008

Europe & Christmas

Have been in Europe for about 10 days now & still have 2 more weeks. I LOVE long holidays!
I was trying to think back to my last 3-week holiday, and, you know, i don't think i have had one since i finished university. Yup, i have had 2 week holidays, but not a whole 3 weeks. And it's great. Think i am going to have nasty shock going back to work though....

So, what have i been doing?
Started off in Stuttgart - and had a very happy reunion with The German. It is *so* good to be back with him again, but i don't think that's a huge surprise to anyone. And i won't bore (shock?) you with all of that.

Instead here is a brief rundown of some of my 'firsts' on this trip:
  • visited my first german xmas market - complete with mulled wine (gluhwein)
  • ordered beer in german (woohoo! i'm multilingual now)
  • had beer in the infamous kaisereck (K's favourite bar)
  • met k's entire family - all lovely lovely people (i feel very lucky to have a boy with such good people around him)
  • had christmas on christmas eve (mainland european style)
  • met many many of k's friends (again, all good people, and all speaking amazing english - thank god!)
  • embarked on a semi-epic road trip with K. Yesterday we travelled across Germany, through Luxembourg and into France to my parents' place.
  • seen my parents' house with them living in it (last time i saw it, they were house hunting & thinking of buying it) Lovely lovely house - so much space!

And those are the firsts i can remember. However, due to large quantities of gluhwein, beer & sparkly, i think i may have deleted a few brain cells...

Hope everyone is having a great time wherever they are - And Happy Christmas!


dave said...

If you drive by Paris on your way back, be sure to look me up. I'll be back there tomorrow.

tanabata said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic time! Happy New Year!

Martine said...

awesome honey! glad to hear you're having a great time. hope your christmas was a great one and we all know that 2009 is gonna be waaaaay better for you than 2008. hi to kevin, too - wish him a happy new year for me.

arumanda said...

great to hear you're doing well and having fun. enjoy enjoy!