14 January, 2009

15 Things I (Re)learnt on Holiday

  1. Being with The German is a whole lot better than being without him
  2. I'm a woman not a girl (apparently)
  3. My parents have a really really nice house & I want visit a lot more often
  4. Würst isn't just sausage; it's also covers a wide variety of pâtés too
  5. Salami, however, is not würst. Neither is ham
  6. Germany has a shit load of different breads - and all the ones I tried are damn fine
  7. Never EVER try to drive through London when there are 3 teams playing at home on the same day in the FA Cup
  8. It is possible (in Europe) to go to 5 countries in one day BY CAR. FYI: the countries were Britain, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany
  9. I am really lucky to be surrounded by good families & friends
  10. Never underestimate the power of Schnapps
  11. There are lots of types of soda water in Germany – even with different levels of fizziness
  12. England is crowded and turning into a big brother state
  13. I still like British pubs (not really a surprise, that one...)
  14. My family is cool
  15. I am completely certain about moving to Germany
Apparently, i am going to have to unlearn some of the things i learnt.
Despite me trying to find (successfully) the umlaut on an English OS - by no means one of the easiest tasks known to man, wurst doesn't have one. It's wurst, not würst.
AND salami IS a wurst.


Martine said...

Oh honey you sound sooooo much happier. Great to hear it.

j-ster said...

ooo, i keep clicking in the hope that you have updated, and sure enough, you have! Im glad you had a good time away, and that you are moving with confidence! sounds like its going ot be an interesting year.... will you still be there in May? im guessing not.