23 September, 2008

Consumptive Diaries Part 22: Teetotal Tedium

I stopped drinking 11 days ago; since my scare at the hospital.
It's not been as difficult as i anticipated, but then again, i've been lying low - no bars or nights out.

I would love to say how much better i feel; how i feel more awake; how much more `wholesome' i feel.
But if i am to be completely honest, i don't feel any different. i'm still constantly tired & lacking energy. I still have a wall of extreme tiredness that i crash into at 11pm every night. I still need more sleep than usual - 7 hours isn't enough for me now.

I will (begrudgingly) admit that the lower back pain i had (which may or may not be related to my liver) has mostly gone. And i definitely don't miss being hungover.
But i miss having a nice glass of wine or a cold beer after a long day at work. Having a soda water or a fruit juice just isn't the same.

Ah, well, only four more months to go........


Auntie Sin said...

Oh my God - no alcohol until January. We managed Monday without any last week and again this week but gave up on Tuesday both times. The Doc's not going to be happy with us. Still we decided we'd rather be happy than healthy - maybe not a good long term decision?

All this talk of being tired has me worried though. We'd put it down to old age but maybe its liver damage after all? Ho Hum. Still half way trhough the working week and hopefully the worst bits of it over.

I guess there's no point resigning your commision and jetting off with The German? Are you allowed loose on a jet plane at the moment - I assume not? 3 months of long disatnce phone calls could cost a small packet - SKYPE???

Sandi said...

I crash into the same wall. I can't even make it to 11. Maybe 10. I am getting up with Maxx at 6am everyday, and I'm getting older. It happens. As for not drinking, after 3 days in a row last weekend, I'm wondering if I shouldn't stop for a bit. Haven't gotten the Japan lifestyle out of my system yet. My mother worries about me.