12 September, 2008

Consumptive Diaries Part 21: Hospital Date Day

The German and me had our hospital date today - think i mentioned before that we both had appointments this morning.

I am not going to go into all the waiting & bureaucratic crap, because I've written endlessly about it; and nothing much changes. It's long, boring & annoying.

Instead, I have some good news and bad news:

The Good News:
K is finally free of TB. He has officially been declared a '0'.
4 months of hell, hospital & home arrest are over! Yippee!!

The Bad News:
My liver isn't very happy.
Last month my liver numbers were around 30. This month, 123.
If the number reaches 200, i will have to stop taking the TB medication and potential have liver damage.
Am not exactly sure what those numbers mean or are, but it scared the crap out of me.
So, i am now on liver medication as well as my TB meds.

Kiddies, TB sure isn't fun.


j-ster said...

That certainly doesnt sound good! I hope the meds are all over soon! Take care babe, take it slow for a while...

Sandi said...

Congrats to the German! Not so good for you. I don't need to state the obvious stuff...be nice to your liver. At least while you are taking the meds, eh?

MissSin said...

Am off the evil sin fluid for the while. Next appointment is 30th September.
Don't know if i can last to the end of Janaury without a drink though - especially with all the shit that is going to happen in the intervening time...
Will try my best to stay healthy & attempt to treat my body like a temple.

arumanda said...

a temple indeed. take care. youre in my thoughts and congratulations for the german. great news.