08 July, 2008

Consumptive Diaries Part 13: HE'S OUT!!!!

Yup, you read that right.


He's had to wade through lots of bureaucracy & promise faithfully to take his medicine and to not infect the masses - but he is OUT.
He's supposed to be in home quarantine at his place (which i mentioned before is completely impractical) so he'll be coming back to me. TODAY! So, when i get home tonight, he'll be there waiting for me. Words can't explain how happy & excited i am right now.
I feel like a kid before Xmas...wonder what my present will be? ;)

In other news...
Remember a while back that i was pissed off that the public health centre doesn't test for latent TB? (Read
here to refresh your memory...)
Well, i got a call from the health centre last Thursday saying that they would like to give me a blood test to check for latent TB.
So i set up an appointment for Thursday this week.
Then they called on Friday, saying they needed to give a tuberculin skin test BEFORE they did the blood test & i needed to do that 2 days before. So i toddled off to the health centre this morning & got stabbed with a needle.

So, keep your fingers crossed everyone. This week or next week i will find out whether or not i have latent TB. If i do have it, i will embark on a 6-month course of antibiotics. If not, I'll have several beers & breathe a big sigh of relief....

Oh, yeah, i got back from Okinawa yesterday. Very much needed the escape, although it was interrupted by nigh on daily calls from the health centre....
Will write more about the trip when i have more time.

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