02 July, 2008

Consumptive Diaries Part 12: The German's Coming Home (maybe...)

The German had the first of his next round of sputum tests yesterday.
He got a 6.
7 weeks in hospital, and he's moved from a 10 to a 6.
And he needs a 0 to get out.

But as i said yesterday, the doctor said that K could get out the week after next.
BUT he told K that what he actually meant was that K would be out in 3 weeks if he got 3s this week.
And, as i said, The German got a 6.
So, the doctor told K that it would be at least another month, probably 2, in hospital.


But the doctor asked K whether he would like to get out early (ie next week) and go into "home quarantine". Of course K jumped at the opportunity of getting out of the hell hole hospital.
So now the cogs of bureaucracy are rolling once more...
To get out of hospital, the public health centre has to agree to accept K in their midst & also takes on the responsibility of checking up on K.
It seems that the hospital won't really approve release unless the health centre accepts.

The hospital has talked to the health centre, and it seems that K would have to stay at his place, alone and not leave. And someone will have to bring him food & stuff, but not stay there.
Kind of like a plague victim. Maybe i can set up a table outside his door where i can leave things for him. Then i ring the doorbell and run off.

In reality, for a number of reasons it is totally impractical for K to stay at his place:
1. He has no furniture (except a bed)
2. He has no electric appliances (ie fridge, TV, washing machine)
3. His place in not conveniently located and therefore not easy to get to everyday.
4. The main reason he wants to leave hospital is because he's lonely & needs people around him

So, i called the public health centre directly & explained everything (I did it because the nice lady only speaks nihongo). she was very understanding & said she will talk to the hospital again and hopefully he will be out next week & come home to me.

I am, however, not getting excited.
I will get excited when The German is actually physically home with me.

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Sandi said...

Damn. I thought it was a done deal. I have my fingers crossed.