09 January, 2007

Next Animal!

'i'll hit the breaks' - yppah

so, after all comments & support from friends, i decided that wallowing in self-pity is NOT a good idea.
can't promise that i'm going to 'up' all the time - if i were up all the time, then i think i would be a freak of nature.
but being sad takes too much energy.
i've been constantly tired & unmotivated & uninspired.
and those are all heavy things to carry around.
too much for me.
so, after having a very drunken evening (and this is 'very' in misssin standards - so in other worlds, paralytic might be a better description...) i decided to try & be more positive.

SO, in on the road to a more positive, stronger me, i went out on Sunday to the zoo.
went with some friends, including sandi & family. had a great morning/afternoon there.
my personal favourites were the penguins. love the contrast between their walking (waddly) and their swimming (graceful).
also, the tiger was looking pretty impressive - was basking in the sunshine & looking very stripy...

after that, the davis clan & i went along to ikea.
wasn't planning to buy anything - just wanted a look-see....¥7000 later...
did get adopted by maxx though - he's decided that i am to be his sister. cool - never had a brother before.
man - was ikea big! and MAN was it crowded. think the whole planet AND THEIR KIDS had decided they wanted to buy cheap swedish furniture.
luckily, swedish beer was on sale (only ¥200) so that took the edge off!!

and then sandi and me finished off the evening/day at blue corn & had several silly conversations...
one of which involved me trying to convince sandi that zz top is jewish. don't ask...


JKM said...

Please write in a color that can be read!!

Us old farts have no chance with this combination -glasses or not!


PEC said...

i agree, this colour scheme is a shocker! I've only recently started wearing glasses - and I thought my eyes had got worse already!
Glad to hear that positivity is being attempted, and often beer is all that is needed. Happiness IS sometimes in the bottom of the bottle afterall..

MissSin said...

is that better?!

Sandi said...

I'm still giggling over ZZ Top...

JKM said...

Thank you