26 January, 2007


‘girl with the sun in her head’ – orbital

so, after yesterday’s frustrating a highly annoying episode with this damn computer – I am going to try again to explain the events of my birthday…I so hate having to write the same thing twice – always think the first thing I wrote was better…
but seeing as I had a moment of extreme rage yesterday, I have completely forgotten what I wrote!!

So, before I go off on a complete rant, let me tell you about the events of this week…

My actual birthday was Tuesday (23rd) but that evening I had to come down here (shizuoka) to work for 3 days. So I already knew that my birthday night would be a non-event.
On Monday evening, birthday eve, I came home from work, and decided that if I couldn’t celebrate my real birthday, then I would sit a drink champagne on my pre-birthday.
So, there I was a little while later, half drunk with an empty champagne bottle.
And in the beginning stages of sever melancholy…warning to all you young folk out there – drinking alone is not good for you!!
Anyway – I refused to let myself get all sad on my birthday, but I knew it was going to be hard to pull myself off the slippery melancholy slope by myself. So, I had a little think and suddenly I had an epiphany – “BLUE CORN!!”
Called up a friend, and got to blue corn around 11pm.
Everyone there knew when my birthday was (I’m a strong believer in ‘If you want your birthday celebrated, then tell as many people as possible’)
I digress…

ANYWAY – just before midnight, takeshi hooked up the talking clock to the stereo speakers and I had my birthday counted in! then we had tequila shots, and a friend bought me cake, and then everyone sang happy birthday to me. It was a totally spontaneous birthday party & very lovely! Stayed there till around 2am, came home & even managed to get up in time to go to the office next day (well, ok, if I completely honest, I was about 15 minutes late – but in my book that’s pretty much on time!!)

On my actual bday, I had a lovely lunch with the people I work with. Then spent the afternoon trying to stay awake…
So yeah – considering I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, it turned into a very nice day. AND 2 of the nicest things were that the sun shone all day & I got texts & emails from people all over the place. Thank you!

And then tomorrow night is the ‘official’ bday party at blue corn.
If you are reading this, and I haven’t sent you any information about it, consider yourself invited. I’ve been totally crap about letting people know about it. Am starting around 6.30pm…hope to see you there!!


j-ster said...

I hope it was heaps of fun!!!!! And you got really sloshed (pretty confident of that)!!!

Indigorayz said...

yai ! Glad you had a great night! kisses xxxxxxx