13 June, 2006

...no longer an untagged virgin...

let your conscience be your guide - space jam

i've been tagged!
j-ster tagged me and i am now no longer untagged. yup, she broke my virginity tag!

i would have written up my responses sooner, but what with a buggered computer, the world cup, stupid amounts of work and silly volumes of alcohol, i have haven't had the time, energy or bodily coordination to get things sorted...

But here goes...

5 Movies/DVDs That I Have Watched Recently

Walk the Line - i love Johnny Cash. and a wonderful film - well deserved oscar, if i might say so!
21 Grams - is that the right title? damn dark, but couldn't stop watching it
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (again) - oh johnny!
Code 51 - again, is that the right title? love samantha morton. i want to be her.
Beginning of random Steven Seagal film - thought he couldn't be as bad as people say. he was.

5 TV Shows That I Tend to Watch

Since i got satellite tv 6 months ago, i have renewed my love affair with tv.
think most of these shows have finished since i started wacthing them - but i still love them...

CSI (las vegas & miami)
Without a Trace
Malcolm in the Middle
Six Feet Under

5 Restaurants I have Visited Recently

Do bars that serve food count? well, they do here...

Blue Corn - how can i live without it?!
Fat Mams - next door to blue corn...
Las Chicas - nice for sunny lunches...
Yukiguni - my favourite izakaya
La Boheme - great pizza

5 Foods That I Currently Enjoy Snacking On

Trying to cut down on snacks in my mission to be a thin svelte single girl in my 30s.
(and to make all random ex-boys feel bad that they screwed uop...hahaha...)

I did say trying - i have *so* not completely stopped...

jyagariko - love these potato chips stick things. any flavour works for me...
cheerio ice cream - way better than haagen daz, and less than half the price - bargain!
korean seaweed - damn tasty (and kind of halthy - i think/hope!)
banana chips - crunchy sweetness for that afternoon slump
grapefruit - for some reason i am having cravings for them lately...weird me

5 Musicians that I currently listen to

now this is a toughy - how can i just choose five?
but here goes...

Rolling Stones - they make me smile & sing
Mogwai - new album is bloody lovely
Johnny Cash - he makes me jiggle (that came out way worse than i intended)

Sigur Ros - somehow they still manage to make me cry
Sonic Youth - been reveisiting some of their older stuff lately - still rocks!

And i think that about does it!

and now for you. i'm not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you have the urge to answer these questions - please please do! and if you're blogless, feel free to come and answer in my comments. so want to hear what you're liking right now.


Come On England! said...

5 albums I'm listening to most at the moment

1. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On?
2. Editors - The Back Room
3. Kate Bush - A Sky of Honey (yes, I know it's only half an album)
4. The Wedding Present - Take Fountain
5. Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (struggling to get into it though)

j-ster said...

Las Chicas, oh, you know how to make a girl cry.... How i long for a big Saturday night out that leads naturally into a long sleep in, followed by a 2:30pm brunch (sorry im late) in the sunny, leafy courtyard of Las Chicas, with a wee Zara stop on the way back to Harajuku station....

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