28 June, 2006

..in the summertime..

'inertia creeps' - massive attack

well, looks like summer's here.
the humidity has kicked in, and the urge to run away or dive into baths of cold water has begun...

oh yes. summer.

now, don't get me wrong - i am not an anti-summer person.
i am not even an anti-hot person.
what i am, though, is an anti-tokyo-summer person.
i hate it.
i hate how i am sweaty and irritable BEFORE i even get to work.
i hate being crammed on the train with lots of rank smelly people in the morning.
(i really think there should be a law that everyone MUST have a shower in the morning before they leave home - but that's a whole different rant...)
i hate how my make-up sags down my face, making me feel old & ugly.
i hate sweat rings on my clothes.
talking of sweat - i hate sweating in places i didn't know i could sweat.

but let me be clear - i do NOT hate summer.
i love watermelon, ice lollies, those glass wind chime things, katori senko (mosquito incensey stuff), festivals, BEER, and getting out of tokyo.

there are lots of good things about summer here - it's just that 'work' and 'tokyo summer' do NOT go together very well.


j-ster said...

I hope you can enjoy the summer without getting all itchy and scratchy and sneezy! Im hanging out for summer badly, but at the same time; it was all gray and cold today, and as i headed out on my bike it started raining a bit, and i was so happy in a weird kind of way, because THIS is how i remember winters in Adelaide, not the cold sunny days weve been having but this gray nasty shit, YEAH, this is how its meant to be!!!

(It gets a bit confusing when you start to love the stuff you hate just cos its natsukashii...)

Gaijin Girl said...

hi, i'm an aussie gal in tokyo. i'm enjoying your blog and i totally agree with you about the weather here. and that massive thunderstorm that just swept through? could do without that, too. hope you survive the heat.

Anonymous said...

OK - so what has happened for the last month. Still too hot in Tokyo to get around to anything other than drink cold beer - not much wrong with that I must confess! Doing it a fair amount in the UK too - unbelievanbly hot but an excllent excuse to BarBQ every night of the week. Also made our house warming last Saturday work out really well.

The parents might have found out about the nictine addication (waste of money but good for the nerves I gather) but have they found out about the blog yet? Not sure they would understand the concept personally!!

Enjoy life while you can - you never know what's around the corner. Love to Michael and Shingo

Furious Yellow said...

Where have you gone Smiler?

j-ster said...

It doesnt have to be big, it doesnt have to be relevant, it doesnt have to be long, just a little post will suit us fine!

How you doing? What you been up to? What was the silliest thing you did this summer? Who do you love right now? What are you up to next?